Chemiewerk Rüdersdorf

Mar 31, 2015127 comments

The colossus

It stretched out below me in majestic decadent glory and I just gazed down, mouth probably open, goose bumps on my arms and legs as I surveyed the sheer gigantism of it, the bulk, the improbability, the stillness, something from another world. You just never know what’s around the corner in this country.

I locked up the bike, not that there was anyone to rob it, and proceeded past the chimneys, hurriedly taking my time – I didn’t want to miss anything on the way yet couldn’t wait to get down to explore the wonders of the colossus waiting for me below.

I’d stumbled upon the abandoned chemical factory of Rüdersdorf (actually in Tasdorf), once part of VEB Chemiewerk Coswig, responsible mainly for the production of the animal feed Rükana and other phosphates used for farming.

It started life in 1899 as a cement factory operated by C.O.Wegener, which allegedly made the cement in “an ultra-modern yet highly dangerous” kiln oven. The huge Preußag concern (now the TUI travel agent) took over in 1939, and later produced bauxite vital for the Nazis’ war effort.

The Soviets dismantled the plant after the war, but it found a new lease of life in 1950 when the VEB Glühphosphatwerk Rüdersdorf was formed to make the aforementioned phosphates. Two more kilns were added in 1972 and the factory came under control of the Piesteritz-based VEB Kombinat Agrochemie (agrochemicals) at the end of the 1970s.




















German reunification spelled the end for VEB Chemiewerk Coswig, however, as it did for so many East German enterprises, with dwindling sales and dodgy dealings from investors preceding the inevitable. The factory made its last pig’s dinner before the gates were permanently closed in 1999. Fencing topped with razor wire surrounds the site now.

Lately it has proved a rich hunting ground for filmmakers, with ‘Enemy At The Gates’ and a Rammstein video apparently filmed here, while George Clooney was here for the filming of ‘The Monuments Men.’

An unsettling humming noise presides over the area, presumably from a neighboring factory still in use, but that just adds to the spooky ambience.

Chemiewerk Rudersdorf chemical factory Abandoned Berlin 0129Wildlife abounds in the absence of humans, birds making the most of all the lofty perches, while frogs, tadpoles and a snake(!) had made themselves at home in a murky green pool. There are other murky pools with black evil-looking shit and no wildlife at all, not even of the six-eyed variety. Toxic reminders of the past.

The buildings are immense. I got dizzy just walking into one with huge round concrete canisters that swallowed me up. There are holes everywhere so you really need to watch your step. One wrong one could be your last. This is not a place to come if you’re drunk or planning on getting drunk.




















Against my better judgment, I ascended the stairs without walls up, and up, and up, and up outside the canisters, vertigo intensifying, grip tightening and heart pounding harder the higher I climbed, until finally I reached the summit and could pause to let the waves of dizziness wash over me. I swayed as I surveyed the ruins around me. Then I sat down. Safer.

In one of the buildings to the east of the site, there’s a laboratory trashed beyond redemption, along with stacks of old papers, delivery notes, letters and so on, with wrecked furniture and discarded containers littering the floor, some no doubt still holding their evil potions.

The skull and crossbones were clearly visible on some containers, so pirates must have once called this place home. Maybe they’re still there. Arrr, here be a fine place to drop anchor.

I didn’t see any pirates, nor any humans at all, so the only feasible conclusion is that the frogs I met were actually humans frogified from inhaling the various unknown gases and chemicals permeating the site. It may sound incredible, but it’s best not to hang around for too long.

UPDATE: March 26, 2015 – I went back again today, to confront the frogified fossils and help a companion find artworks by renowned street artist PlotBot, who had embellished parts of the factory since I was last there.

We got in easily enough, proceeding northward from the bus stop, taking the steps down the embankment on the right and the pedestrian bridge over the river before passing though the broken fence. It’s almost too easy. We were in!

My colleague, a proud American, was of course talking loudly as we approached the hulking ruins when suddenly a truck flew up the road. Get down! We hunched down like hedgehogs attacked by bears, curled up, waited for them to pass. Thankfully they didn’t see us and drove on. OK, we’re grand, let’s go. We had to be careful after that. I withdrew my prickles and on we went.

The fear of their return never left as we scoured the buildings for PlotBot and WhatNot. Every noise, every bang, rustle, clang or whistle, was a vicious monster rising from an atomic green pool to devour us. We scurried on. I scurried up, terrified myself from heights that only lunatics enjoy.

Rüdersdorf is a colossus. Don’t let it consume you.





















  • What: Chemiewerk Rüdersdorf: Abandoned chemical factory which began life as a cement factory, then made bauxite during the war, before its raison d’être became the production of animal feed phosphates and other things as part of VEB Chemiewerk Coswig, one of those GDR companies.
  • Where: Gutenbergstraße, 15562 Rüdersdorf bei Berlin, Germany.
  • How to get there: Get the train from Alexanderplatz to Erkner, the S3 or the faster regional train, the RE1 towards Frankfurt (Oder). From the Bahnhof, cycle in a northeasterly direction towards Rüdersdorf, specifically the Museumspark Rüdersdorf at Heinitzstraße 41, 15562 Rüdersdorf. The gate was open so I didn’t have to pay. Just follow the path on the left until you spot a few innocent-looking chimneys poking from the trees. You’ll find the factory laid out before you then. Here’s where it is on a map. Otherwise, you can approach from the other side by cycling to Tasdorf via Ernst-Thalmann-Straße, turn right onto Berliner Straße in the village, and then take the second right onto Gutenbergstraße back down towards the factory. You’ll have to hop the gate. It’s a good cycle, 7.4 km each way (longer if you take the second route) but it’s worth it. If you’re lazy, you can get the 951 bus from S-Bahnhof Fredersdorf to Frachtzentrum Rüdersdorf (the DHL freight center). Get off at the bus stop (as opposed to jumping out of the moving bus before it stops), walk back the way the bus came till you find steps down the embankment on the right. Go over the bridge, turn left at the end of it and get in through the broken fence. It’s pretty easy and there’s no need to climb any razor wire.
  • Getting in: If you go the first route, through Museumspark Rüdersdorf, you’ll find a gap in the fence over the train tracks and another corresponding gap in the fence on the other side, rendering all that nasty-looking razor wire pretty much useless, unless it’s to stop pigeons resting their weary wings by sitting on the fence. Pigeons are notorious for not making up their minds. The other route, via the bus stop described above, is even easier.
  • When to go: I recommend daytime to minimize the risk of being killed by walking off an eight-story building, or tripping into a huge deep hole or a pit of foul leftover chemicals. Seriously, there are quite a number of pitfalls, no pun intended.
  • Difficulty rating: 6/10. Getting here is a bit of a chore, getting in is easy once you find the gaps in the fence and apart from that there shouldn’t be any problems. Keep an eye out for security. Sometimes they’re there, sometimes not. You’re probably out of luck if they happen to be filming when you’re there. They get a bit precious about their film stars and fancy equipment. Check the comments below for updates.
  • Who to bring: If your boyfriend/girlfriend isn’t terrified of heights you could bring them for a romantic view across the treetops and industrial areas of Rüdersdorf, Tasdorf and beyond. It’s probably a good idea to bring someone, in case one of you falls into a hole/off a building/gets trapped under a collapsing roof.
  • What to bring: A helmet won’t save you if the roof does collapse, so don’t bother. Bring a camera, a couple of beers and a sandwich or something for nourishment. I was pretty thirsty after all that cycling so maybe a bottle of water wouldn’t go amiss either. And a torch is useful for exploring dark rooms and cellars.
  • Dangers: The buildings themselves are pretty dangerous, either from the point of view of them falling on you or you falling off them. Falling seems to be the main danger all round really. As always, watch out for nosy busybodies, Polizei, and anyone else out to spoil the fun.

In dust rial behemoths

Kraftwerk Vogelsang

Kraftwerk Vogelsang

Kraftwerk Vogelsang is a powerless power plant. People gave their lives building it and fighting over it. Now that they’re gone, nobody wants it at all.



Security was tight in the Underberg herbal rotgut distillery as they thought only five humans knew the secret recipe. Now the secret’s out.

Tetra Pak

Tetra Pak

Glass milk bottles are rejoicing with schadenfreude after learning of Tetra Pak’s fate. The packaging giant abandoned its factory in Heiligensee in 2013.


  1. Anonymous

    i’ve been reading of your adventures from australia – makes me want to get all adventurous like and explore the abandoned buildings that litter my town! looking forward to reading more of your exploits:) cheers, nat

  2. Anonymous

    Thank you for your blog. It’s a great information source.
    Last saturday: highly motivated guard is chasing us. take care or skip this place

  3. Clemens

    Thanks for your blog! I just came back, it was awesome! 🙂

    I entered from the gate side (Gutenbergstraße). It’s possible to climb the gate but not really convenient because of some extra fence and razor-wire. The way across a little railroad bridge is much easier: 50m before the gate turn left into Am Krienhafen. At the end turn right towards the river, follow the path and cross the bridge. Right after the bridge the fence is open and you can easily enter. My mother could do that 🙂

    I didn’t see any security neither (Sunday noon).

    I hitchhiked back to the S-Bahn and the guy who gave me a ride said that someone is going to shoot a gangster movie there soon.

  4. Anonymous

    I loved your blog and since I’m staying in Berlin for 3 days, I visited/will visit some of sites you introduced here.
    I’ visited the chemical factory of Rudersdorf but I couldn’t enter at all.
    There were 3 parked cars near the gate, a moving digger, a few workers (I saw at least 3 people).
    But I dared to try to enter at least one building but as you can see in the photo below, the digger was between the two building so I gave up.
    They didn’t seem demolishing the factory because the digger was just digging and moving the sands.
    But do you know anything about what is going on there?
    I might give it try in the early morning but I would probably end up watching the workers again…

  5. Spudnik

    Hi! I don’t know what’s going on there at the moment – relieved to hear at least they’re not demolishing it.
    One word of warning if you are trying early in the morning – German builders are very early risers. They seem to take a sadistic pleasure out of waking the rest of the country up. So you’d need to be very early indeed to get there ahead of them.

  6. Anonymous

    Thanks for the reply! I probably won’t have chance to visit there again during this trip but I’ll definitely come back! I really, really hope that they won’t demolish the beautiful building but please update us if you hear something or visit there 🙂

  7. Anonymous

    Guys this place is over.. went there today (saturday), secutirty everywhere. I tryed the first time by the river and I’ve been caught by a worker.. I decided to take the other way in from Gutenbergstrasse and again, this time the security guy told me not even to try to take a pic from outside or he will call the police. regret to say that i wanted to go in so bad.. shit.

  8. Spudnik

    I’m very sorry to hear that. I reckon they’re doing some building work there now. I’m not sure exactly what’s planned for the site.

  9. Anonymous

    We tried today to go in. And It was succesful. Actually all this “demolition” work is not because they want to demolish the building it is due a IIWW location for a film.

    When we arrieved there was a guy in the main entrance, so it was not possible to go in. We have tried trouhg the left part of the complex and we found a gap. We have been messing around the buildings carefully to not betray our position and we descovered all the stuff for the movie. There is even a gothic destroyed church made with woods.

    The place is huge and it worth to go there.

    Thanks for the blog, was the perfect saturdayafternoon plan.

  10. Anonymous

    Thanks for such an interesting blog. I’m going to visit Berlin, so I hope to see this place too. Is there any old waterworks factory near that chemical factory? It’s a beautiful building with turms…I heard that it’s in the East but I can’t find it anywhere 🙁

  11. Anonymous

    Update: The way in through the left part is technically still possible, also, you can technically climb the fence behind some little house near Guttenbergstraße. However, right now, I highly recommend not going unless you are either very adventurous OR ready to be disappointed, as you will be caught when things are as they were today. I counted more than 20 workers on site, might be a little better during the night time, however, I don’t imagine the place will be too cozy then, and I suspect even then there might be a guard or two.
    Also, guarddogs were present today, so if you decide to go, be ready to leg it. Good luck to everyone. I think I’ll be trying again around september or so, maybe they’ll be done by then. If so, I’ll update the information again. If anybody goes there sooner, a heads up would be appreciated if the workers have left then.

  12. Anonymous

    i went in yesterday passing through the Museumpark without any major difficulty.
    Both gaps in the fences are still there and the gate to the Museumpark was open at Heinitzstrasse.
    The guards/workers seem to have left the place since we’ve met no one.
    You can enter the site without going through any gate/fence by taking the railway bridge next to the Ernst-Thälmann-Strasse and walking alongside the canal.
    We didnt dare to climb the stairs to the roofs, they looked in a pretty bad shape and quite dangerous. Couldnt believe that this factory was still working 15 years ago.
    Its a pretty impressive location tho, totally worth the almost 10km walk from Erkner S-Bahnhof.

  13. Spudnik

    Thanks for the update! Glad to hear the workers/security have left. I suspect they were only filming there after all…

  14. bronkobill

    We were there yesterday, entering from the north side of the area through a very convenient hole in the fence. Can confirm there is no security present right now. Someone told us about the movie, they shot there:
    I’d say at 00:58 in the trailer you can spot the weird looking steel sculpture on the area.

    But whatever, it’s a fantastic place with so much to discover. Thanks for the hint!

  15. Spudnik

    You’re welcome BronkoBill! Glad to hear you didn’t run into any trouble!

  16. Bur

    Very interesting place, but besides holes in the floor and debris falling on your head also avoid touching any chemicals.

    That dusty bottle of Dimethyl yellow in the photo should be handled with care as dimethyl yellow is very cancerogenic.

    I still think of going there once it gets warmer, seems like a great place.

  17. Spudnik

    To be honest, best advice about handling any of the bottles in there is not to handle anything at all. Unhealthy substances and dodgy chemicals abound.

  18. Anonymous

    Hi @all,
    thx for these very good side for Abondoned Berlin Places
    Because these Buiding is not chemical factory but is the old cement factory

  19. Spudnik

    As I wrote, it started life as a cement factory before opting for a career change. The chemicals came later. And other substances. This is Berlin after all…

  20. Unknown

    Another series of analog pictures. Taken in Ruedersdorf in May 2013.

  21. Anonymous

    Have been there today with a friend. Weather was great, we went there by bike from Erkner station. We chose the passage via Tasdorf, did not hop the gate, but followed the way on the left and crossed a railway bridge, which lead us directly to the factory. The place was pretty crowded to my surprise – saw about 20 other people, mostly in pairs of 2.
    We had a great time climbing all the roofs, always stayed close to the staircases though.
    Thanks a lot for this one!

  22. Anonymous

    we couldn’t pass: 3 guys from the security and they acted like they were protecting treasures. Well, kinda it is a pearl, but why not allowing people to walk and take few pictures… boo. I’m sure i wouldn’t like to risk and jump from the roof or sth like that

  23. Anonymous

    to answer your question: ’cause film industry doesn’t want anyone to take pictures inside as it more or less became a branch of babelsberg film studios. at the moment, there are preparations for shooting scenes of third part of “the hunger games” (german: tribute von panem). they also did occupy parts of krampnitz barracks near potsdam. there its possible to avoid getting caught, in rüdersdorf chances are less good…

  24. Anonymous

    I was there today, on Easter. All the holes in the fence are blocked and freshly weld. I found entrance from the park side and crowled under the fence through the space app. 60-70cm hight. The security chekpoint is on the other side and it seems they do not patrol the area. The place is quite open and exposed to the people walking about in the park. Fortunatly there was no stuff around. I sticked around about 40min in the buildings less closer to the security, did several pictures with my GoPro and left. Some people stayed there for a long photo session. I hope they cought this amazing sunset.

  25. Anonymous

    We went there last weekend and went in (under the fence) as it was getting dark. We met some people coming the other way who said they counted four security guards, but we saw only two. Security definitely patrol the grounds after dark, but only in their cars and there are plenty of bushes or features to hide behind. Lots of fun and thanks for making us aware of the site! Be careful where you are putting your feet once you get inside the buildings, especially if it’s dark.

  26. Anonymous

    Visited on the 17th of may, 2014. minimal security, a lot of construction workers. We got in by crawling underneath the fence along the railroad tracks. We stayed for a bit but due to the level of activity we couldn’t stay very long. would really like to go again on a sunday evening, to avoid the busy working hours.

  27. Anonymous

    So, me and a few friends went there today. there were 2 guys from the security patrolling the site and following us along the fence so we couldn’t get in. we first tried to enter by the east side, through the high grass, but we almost got attacked by a deer (!!) and a boar (!!!!!!!). Really, we were walking in the grass and through the trees, and a boar jumped from a bush and ran beside us. After that, we went to the west, following the railroad until the bridge. there, there is a part of the fence without barbed wire so you can climb over it. We got caught by the security. We decided to go on the top of another building (not in the factory) to enjoy the sun. around 40 minutes later, we tried again, at the same spot, and got in. We walked through the site, and saw the security 3 times, but they didn’t see us. They were going around the place either by feet or in a red car. It seems that the place is now mostly used as a film set. We went through the different buildings, climbed at the top of the tallest one, and then left.
    It’s probably the best abandonned place I’ve been to, not that hard to go to (but long), not too hard to get in (apart from the security) and absolutely impressive! Thanks for the tip and keep posting! 🙂

  28. Spudnik

    Thanks for the updates! Yes, it sounds like it’s manned all the time now as they’re using it mostly as a film set. I need to do an update post but I appreciate all the comments in the meantime! Glad the last person survived the wildlife…

  29. Dunkin' Berliner

    I really love what PlotBot Ken has done with the dump:

    Not so sure about the ‘music’ in the vid though…


  30. Spudnik

    Great video!

  31. Unknown

    Stopped by yesterday and once you find a weak spot in the fence, the place is all yours. No trouble from the neighbours or security, just spectacular sights. I recommend going when the light is strong as it streams in beautifully and biking there is also a good choice as the ride is a great one.

  32. Unknown

    An illustration in tribute to my visit here which also references this site.

  33. Spudnik

    Nice work man!

  34. Anonymous

    been there. was too easy to get in 🙂

  35. Anonymous

    We went there to day. Getting in was very easy. We stayed from 13:00 to 16:30 and did not have enough time to explore the whole site, it is indeed colossal.
    Awesome location, thanks for the tip!

  36. Anonymous

    We went there today! Still awesome and worth the trip!!!!

  37. Anonymous

    Went there today, cycled out from Berlin and made a day of it. No security as far as I could see and got into the museum for free from the Rüdorsdorf side by going down the track to the left before the museum kiosk/gate then hopping the fence at the waters edge. Great site and a beautiful day. Take care!

  38. Gaelle.

    Hey there, I’m new in Berlin and I’m looking for partners in crime to explore the city. Please contact me at [email protected] 🙂

  39. Anonymous

    what a great webpage, well researched and much appreciated details on how to get there. we were there two days ago, the place was empty, no construction works going on. the fence is broken at the west side of the buildings. only the way TO the site was a bit long (we were mostly on foot from erkner). thx a lot for sharing this info!

  40. Anonymous

    Thank you Spudnik for this wonderful website. I love your writing. I am an experienced urban explorer and am looking for Berlin explorers in a good physical condition and passion for adventures who are not afraid of taking risks. I would like to take my urban exploring to the next level and combine it with parkour elements to make it more exciting. I am planning to visit some undocumented sites and create entrances where there is none yet to make buildings accessible to the community. If anyone here is interested, you are welcome to join me on my adventures. Contact me on facebook:

  41. Anonymous

    Hei hei,

    thanks for your blog and all the useful information! We’ve been there yesterday, has been a fantastic, overwhelming experience. The “main”road gates were closed, but there is a small path along the river. We followed that path and with the help of googlemaps and GPS we made our way through the woods, crossed some railroadtracks, approached the site from the west, found a gap and we were in. We had like two hours so we didnt climb alot. Still enough time to explore the buildings, take some photos and enjoy the sunset from almost the top of one of the towers. No security guards, only the spooky noises from the howling wind!

    So, again, thank you for your blog, you led us to so many great places so far, many more will follow:-)

    Kind regards!


  42. Anonymous

    We’ve been there yesterday. Getting in was very easy. We went in passing through the Museumpark without any major difficulty. We only had to pay 5 euro’s entrance fee 🙂 Both gaps in the entrances to the bridge are still there. No guards or whatsoever..

    Place is huge and overwhelming. Probably the best place i have visited. The street art from PlotBot is just Superb, especially if you know to find the tunnel and find the 3 artworks there 😉

    Place is definitely used as a filming location, found some pictures:

    Keep up the good work! This blog brought me to so many fantastic places!! Thx


    Herr J

  43. Anonymous

    We were there yesterday evening. Getting in was pretty easy (we took the route over the bridge, as suggested).
    On the site itself were two people, workers probably. We kept our heads low and had now problems.
    Photos (and our gps-track) as always: ->Klick<-

  44. Anonymous

    We went there today. The security was roaming the main entrance so we snuck around and entered the factory by the tracks. We were busted by the security after 20 min who took down our names but released us after that. We continued our journey and circled around the building We got some good views but still would like to revisit it to get a proper view inside. Watch out for security, everyone! They told us that “This is not a playground” ;-).

  45. Anonymous

    check out and you can get some motivation to go exploring in Australia!

  46. Anonymous

    Yesterday (Monday, but a holiday) we went to wake Colossus. However 2 minutes after we entered through a hole in the fence the security guy came around the corner. He didn’t note our names but he muttered something like “Hausfriedensbruch” under his breath when he brought us to the main gate. There seemed to be two security guards and they seemed to be aware of the holes in the fence. So i’d wait until they stopped shooting and try again.
    Even though he refused to tell us what he’s guarding it was obvious they’re shooting some kind of war movie. Quite a lot of tents and some “houses” with clothes hanging out of the “windows”.
    If you go in, be extremely cautious. We were not the only group escorted from the area yesterday…

  47. Sebastian

    I have been there today – moviemaking is still in progress with lots of cars and people running around. Thus the big buildings could not be entered but if you move carefully you can shoot the smaller buildings. I would recommend holes in the fence – dont use the official bridges (except the train bridge). I dont know how people behave to be caught and escorted out – I could run around the place for two hours withou being seen (you should pay attention, have respect and hide if necessary).

  48. Anonymous

    Went there in the end of June. No filmcrew around, just some guy north of the ground (directly after main entrance after the bridge) working on his car. We entered from the Museumspark Rüdersdorf and then walked around the fence in western direction to find a pre cut piece of the fence where you can bend the fence and sneak in without any efford. There are so many fixed and fresh holes in the fence that i also think this is the best aproach to get in unseen..

  49. Anonymous

    No problems today, no security at all. We only met 4 other explorers.
    Many arabic graffitis on the walls, presumably for the new “Homeland” Season…

  50. Anonymous

    Quick question to the group here! ive heard there have been movie shoots!?!??!?!!?!? that sparks my interest seeing that i am a novice filmmaker myself……does anybody have a clue where one would need to go, to get aproval to shoot? seeing that id want to bring equipment…..the sneeking in version might not work!
    thanks in advance PEACE

  51. Anonymous

    Hello everyone! I arrive in Berlin tomorrow! There is someone who joins to explore this factory?
    Peace & Love Yo

  52. Anonymous

    if you still want to go today, message me! lowenf _at_ gmail

  53. Anonymous

    We were there 2 days ago. Enter as suggested through the gap in the fence in the park. No problem. Further on there was a fence with raser wire but it was open. No security around, but after 2 hours police turned up at the gate at the main entrance so we left like we came in. This was our first abandoned location and I’m afraid we won’t find such a great site soon.

  54. Anonymous

    I have been there last week on friday. No security, no problems. I found more than one gap in the fence. Razor wires do not harm you if they are more than one meter above you 😉 Great location! Really looks like a post apocalyptic scenery.

  55. Anonymous

    The location is quite heavily featured in Homeland S5E2 as a refugee camp at the syrian/lebanese border. It’s very easy to recognise all the features of this lost place in the movie.

  56. Anonymous

    Was here 48 hours ago. so insanely awesome. had a moment when we thoughts we’d been spottd but security drove up and then went home.

    Cant wait to go back!

  57. Stef

    Went there nearly a year ago, and it was one of the best abandoned places to visit around Berlin. We chose the commando mission through the forest and past over the small bridge but actually there were many visitors on the spot, no security, and the main gate was open, perfect way out 😉 I imagine that whenever there is a film shooting, there must be a 24h-security
    Check the video !

  58. Stagger Lee

    Recent video of the adventure inc snow.

  59. gabrielperkele

    Went there yesterday, what an awesome place! Took a train and a bus to get there, and a ahort walk through the woods and we were there! Found the hole in the fence easily enough and startet explorong. Took a good 6 hours to rummage through all the dark, underground tunnels, vast concrete halls and endless amounta of stairs. 😀
    Saw only a couple of people there later in the afternoon, no guards, no workers, no trouble at all.

    Thanks for the great site you have here! Last year we visited Beelitz Heilstätten and now this place and it left me wanting for more!

    Check out my Instagram for picture updates! (Same name as here)

  60. Anonymous

    Was there last week, pretty easy to get in and in awesome place.
    No security, just a film team but they dont give a shit about me.
    But you have to go from there before it gets dark, trust me it is scary and dangerous if you walk there in dark, the walk is allover holes in the ground.

    Im an 16 year old guy who lives in Berlin. Search some other guys with whom I can explore abandoned buildings in Berlin around the same age. If anyone is interested you can send me a email and we can talk about this more accurate 🙂
    email: einbauk[at]

  61. Anonymous

    great place to discover! Easter holiday was a great time to avoid guard or police. But there were two kids setting selfmade BOMB to distory the place, when i said bomb which mean i felt the explosion two buildings away. damn.

    beware of holes and fallings, gloves and masks might save you from chemical wastes, don’t try to touch any thing weird, enjoy and protect the place.

  62. Anonymous

    I was there last Monday. There is no need to climb the razor wire. Just find a gap in the fence. What an impressive place! Bear in mind that the 951 bus happens to run every 2 hours and NOT every hour.

  63. Anonymous

    Went there today. Super easy to get in through the gaps in the fence. Beware of the holes in the floor of nearly every story. Great place to visit. There was no security but around 30 people roaming around. Awesome place.

  64. Anonymous

    Went there yesterday. We came from the Museumspark (it’s actually not for free anymore and costs 5 euros entrance fee) so we looked for a way to get through the park without paying the entrance fee which was not very difficult after all. After that getting through the fence was simply enough.
    The place itself is pretty awesome although you should not be afraid of heights and definitely take care of those holes on top of the roof!!
    We wanted to go back via Musumspark but got caught by an employee after getting through the fence. He was pretty damn pissed at us and asked us whether we would have tickets which we obviously didn’t have. He accused us of Hausfriedensbruch and talked about calling the police but we explained him we did not care for the park and just wanted to use it as a way through. He was ok with that but was generally mad at people going to the factory. He said that last week three children would have died there which was obviously a lie and almost gave us a laugh afterwards because of that exaggeration.
    So we would recommend anyone planning to go there to avoid the Museumspark because people there seem to be pretty pissed about explorers using it as a way even if you don’t actually want to see anything at the park.

  65. Anonymous

    Funny note by the way is that you will find some arabic graffiti that was created for Homeland Episode 2 Season 5. The artists who were hired for that took advantage of the Homeland producers having little knowledge of the Arab language and featured some sentences like “Homeland is rassist” or “Justice for Trayvon Martin” that were afterwards shown on TV like that

  66. Emelie

    We accidently drove our car into the museumpark (one of the gates was open), but was fortunatley not caught be any employees. If you’re at the site you might as well check out the huge mill or whatever-building that’s in the park, it’s huge and at least I thought it was pretty cool.

    There were holes in the fence coming from the Museumpark, super easy to just walk through them. There are a lot of buildings, most of them in pretty bad shape, but the big ones are really cool and the place has a quite creepy vibe to it. My friends even thought they saw a hanging man in the ceiling in one of the room, so the left quickly without looking twice. I really hope it was just their brains tricking them…

  67. Unknown

    We’re making a short film and need a few hours of filming here, does anybody know who is best to contact for this? please get in touch if so, waynemccauslin[at]

  68. Unknown

    Went there the 25th with two of my friends. Took the bus route (S41 and 951) and that took a while. But after the trip getting in was really easy. The gate was closed, but the barbwire isn’t proprely installed so it left a lot of room to climb over. The gate is like a ladder, and the only platform you could stand on DOESN’T have wire on it. It’s almost like the whole thing is planned. Consider this route if you dont want to pay 5€ to go through the park. Or sneak through.

    Inside there weren’t any signs of guards or production or whatever people have been worrying before. All gone, at least for that day. There is a constuction site right next to it, so maybe when climbing to some of the roofs try not to be spotted. Don’t know if they care, but better safe than sorry. There were few people making graffiti, but everyone gave eachother their own space. Didn’t interfere with the exploration.

    All the buildings were easy to access, most of the rooftops too. Be careful tho, they are in even worse shape than before. Rails of the stairs broken down, cement fallen etc. Use your head, you know when something is reeeally unsafe.

  69. Unknown

    Hey there,
    I got the chance to visit the Chemiewerk a bit more than a week ago (12th November) on Saturday afternoon. We entered the place through the Museumspark, it’s easy to find the gaps in the fences (1st one on the very left then you just have to walk back to the right for a few meters to find the other gap after the railways).
    No sign of guards whatsoever, we just noticed a few cars in the distance as well as some construction stuff. As Axel mentioned, the buildings are easy to access though you always gotta be careful with these old places (concrete degradation, stairs and walls falling apart… and try not to slip on anthing), but if you’re careful enough it’s all good. Otherwise the buildings are really nice to visit, no doubt : I definitely recommend this Chemiewerk if you like abandoned places.

  70. Anonymous

    Hey guys,
    i’m planning to visit the chemiewerk in like 2 weeks. Any updates? Is the Chemiefabrik still there?
    Any changes in terms of security and stuff like that?
    I’d be thankful for any kind of information!

  71. Anonymous

    Like ^, im waiting for new informations.

  72. Spudnik

    Apologies Anonymous, let me just forget about my kid there, quit my job, stop training for a marathon, forget all the other stuff I have going on on my life, and get back out to Chemiewerk Rüdersdorf to investigate so I can provide you with the new informations you require…

    In the meantime (the kid is asking me to read him a bedtime story so I can’t go right this minute), feel free to visit Chemiewerk Rüdersdorf and find the informations for yourself. The informations above should at least set you on the right track.

    Much love xxx

  73. Anonymous

    I was there today. In the middle of the area (between the two largest halls) stood 3 cars. We spotted one worker. He builded wooden stairs. Maybee for a film crew. So watch out for more workers/film makers. Parts of the hunger games movie was filmed there so one hall was secured with a mesh at the ceiling (nothing was able to fall down). In the afternoon some noisy kids entered the area they tryed to destroy things (idiots) and listened to music, so security is not going to be a big problem. If you dont want to pay for the museum and also dont want to hop the gate a tip: Travel on the second described route, after the DHL building is a train line with a small sidewalk crossing the river (train line is visible on Google Maps)when you crossed the river walk left on the rusty fence with many holes. Lock your bike near a hole. Cross the hill and a little forest and you are able to see the area. Around the area is a hoarding. They installed barbed wire on top of it. But a gate on the hoarding was not locked and also someone pressed the barbed wire down. So entering from the side we came from was no problem.

    In my oppinion a really awesome place.

  74. Anonymous

    We went there today and got in via the Museumspark. Getting in itself was easy, but it took us a while to find the way. We saw quite a few other people, some were clearly other urbexers, but we also saw a group with a clipboard guy who was explaining things and showing people around. No idea who they were, as we tried to hide.
    The buildings are really awesome and no picture is close enough to what it feels like if you’re standing in that huge building in the middle :O Thanks for introducing that place!

  75. Anonymous

    Went there with a couple of friends to take photos. Super easy to get in via the described way over the bridge, then a litte turn left and there are many holes in the fence.
    We haven’t been alone. There were some teens from the nearby village some exploring, some did bike tricks. There even was a group motorcyclists. So don’t worry about police or security.
    We liked the site a lot. The halls are huge, indeed, what an amount of concrete standing there unused now. Watch you step as there might be a hole in the floor right in front of you and you definitively have to deal with height.

  76. Unknown

    Hello, I`m looking actually information about entrance this place, but in the wild,
    Best Regards

  77. Anonymous

    Hi Mariusz. I am planning on going there this Saturday. If you can make it then daj znać. Jakoś się zgadamy 🙂

  78. Unknown

    I `m planig visit this place in November, so give me information, when you get there, Best regards

  79. Anonymous

    Hi Mariusz and all. So we went there last week. Getting in and around is absolutely no problem. No guards (judging on the comments there are only some when filming is going on) but a lot of common minded people and local youths. There were even some people from Spain 🙂 We parked on a side street from Bahnhofstrasse and then followed the railway tracks over the channel. On the right you will see the chimneys of the museum on the left will be the factory chimneys. You should see a construction fence on the left. Just follow it a bit into the bushes and you will encounter a big gap. That’s all. In case of questions just ask here.

  80. Unknown

    Thank You Very Much
    Best Regards

  81. Unknown

    good souvenirs going there!
    easy to get in and a lot art to discover:

  82. Lore

    I visited the place 1st december. I loved this place, there are only empty buildings, but their fascionation was incredible. The pkace is very easily accessible following the rail from the bridge, big holes in the fences. Lucky I was there alone, so I could really enjoy this magical place. I suggest everyone into urbex to visit this gem!

  83. Anonymous

    Went there today via the bus route. Everything was easy on our way in and on location. On our way back we encountered a wild boar in about 50m distance. It ran away as soon as it saw us but stayed in a distance that was visible from the path. Maybe try avoiding that entrance for a while or if you don’t be extremely careful. That was not a small animal and they can get aggressive!

  84. Morton

    Does anybody no any information about the abandoned locations down the road from this location?

  85. Anonymous

    Went there today the 26th it was great best place ever great exploring to be done no Problem with any police or anything like that watch your step in there

  86. Anonymous

    We went 2 days ago! Was really great, no one else but us :). We arrived by car, from the north side. The main gate was closed. We parked a little to the left and continued walking to the left until we found the railway. We just followed the railway-bridge and were able to get in through the fence. No problem, very easy!

  87. Anonymous

    I was there yesterday and it was awesome! There were some other explorers and one sprayer on the grounds but the area is so big that people disperse easily. There were several holes in the fence. The park was closed but i found a way around it.

  88. Anonymous

    We went there a few days ago and it was amazing! The place is exactly as described here, if not better. It also has a large underground steam/electric tunnel system connecting most of the buildings.

    Entering was pretty easy and we met at least 7 other groups exploring the site; some just having a picnic, some racing FPV drones around.

    Just be really careful with the roofs and staircases. They’re literally falling apart. Test every step.

  89. Unknown

    Hello m’y name is Imad il from algeria i will say my father hé was worker un this corporation hé had accident in his hand hé was lost papiers please i need help there in Berlin i search some one to help me
    M’y adresse (imadmad1987[at]

  90. Anonymous

    We were there this monday and there was also a big film crew. We only managed to be there 15-20 minutes before the security came to tell us we should leave. Luckily the security was really nice and also told that they stop filming on September 28th. After that it’s possible to visit the site again without disturbance.

  91. Unknown

    I spent 2 weeks exploring this factory while I was on an ADK artist residency back in 2003!! I absolutely fell in love with the place and filmed and photographed every inch. I was there alone most of the time and sometimes I brought a fellow artist with me to check stuff out. Clearly it has become more popular since then 🙂 It’s such an incredibly historic and eerie place. It just oozes stories. I made one video art piece in one of the circular chambers. There were crappy wooden ladders leading up to a square hole in the ceiling. Each day I would go up and film and record sounds in there. It was an amazing feeling to spend so much time in there at different times of the day as the light was shifting around the space. You can see some of my work from there here: unfortunately I didn’t digitise it too well so the quality isn’t as good as it could have been but I think it gives a good feeling for the space I worked in. Here is some more general footage from the whole factory: I added some of my music to it too for more effect 😉 I would love to go back to this factory some day!!! Although maybe I should just keep the memories of it that I have!

  92. Rob

    We went there this week & the rail access is still surprisingly easy. The place is epic!!! Just as a precaution we went to the main building first with the PlotBot murals – which is stunning & nothing can really prepare you for the size. We spent about an hour there, then went to explore further. At this point we spotted (or rather, we were spotted) by a guy on a bike – obviously security on his rounds. We started walking and he followed us slowly. Once round a corner, we ran! He followed us – but clearly it was better for both parties if we just left – exactly what we did. So no arrests but definitely be careful! I think if you are able to move from building to building and be quiet you are unlikely to get found. Good luck!

  93. Anonymous

    We have been there yesterday, approached from the northeastern rail bridge. After slipping through the fence nearby Schachtofenbatterie, we´ve been immediately stopped by two security guys with dobermann dogs. They urged us to leave.

    They have a container for shelter near the northern entrance and are patroulling over the whole area with their dogs: No, thanks!!! It´s over now!

  94. Turner

    Has anyone been there since August?

  95. Anonymous

  96. Anonymous

  97. Anonymous

    Heyy this place looks absolutely creepy thus fantastic to visit. Do you know if it’s still possible to visit?

  98. Anonymous

    Went there today very early morning from around 03:00 to around 04:30. Accessed the site without problems using the railway bridge near the bus stop.
    No living soul there but us. If there is indeed security, even they eventually close down for the night.

  99. Julz

    Went there today in the afternoon. Access was easy, you just have to reach out for a hole in the fence. There’s absolutely no security. That’s why I met a lot of people hanging out there. So you can’t really call this place “lost”. But it was definitely worth it, the place is quite cool.

  100. Julz

    Went there today at afternoon. There’s absolutely no security. Access was quite easy, you just have to reach out for a hole in the fence. The place is really cool. Spend 3 hours there and took photos. But there had been a lot of people to hang out at this place. Didn’t hat this feeling, that you can tell this place “lost”. Think that’s because there’s no security no more. But it’s definitely worth the way.

  101. Unknown

    Went there today, looks exactly like on the pictures. Was a few people there and no security in sight. Big thanks for sharing this – I had a great experience checking it out.

  102. macroxela

    Went there last weekend and it was surprisingly accessible. A security guard told us how to get in which surprised us. There were lots of people including families with little kids, a tour group, and some people setting up for a rave. Not as isolated as other locations but the views from the rooftops are amazing. There’s a small harbor close by next to the railroad if you want to reach the place by boat/kayak.

  103. Anonymous

    Visited today, and was stunned – it’s incredible. Find your way in and out of the woodland at the rear-entrance involves a bit of tracing the paths through the undergrowth – make sure you give yourself enough time to get back to the bus stop in case you get a bit lost (and watch out for trains!) No sign of any security, but three separate groups of other young people were either hanging out or exploring. I thought nothing could top the Fürstenberg fodder-mill, but I was wrong.

  104. Adventures WIth Nic

    The gate from the north is just wide open making it super easy to get in. Last Sunday there were quite a few small groups of people who were exploring. Definitely worth checking out if you don’t mind the hike!

    Here is a video I made of this fantastic abandoned building –

  105. urbexPerson2020

    Watch out for police. They now seem to know how popular the place is for sunset watching on from the roof. Prepare to either face them and probaby receive a Platzverweis, or plan a safe escape route.

  106. underthedust

    I was there a couple of days ago, staid like 5 or 6 hours there and didn’t see anyone… It was on a week day, maybe the situation is different on weekends…

  107. Anon

    Beware of the wolves!!! Approx 7am I entered through the railway bridge and then through the woods. And encountered, undoubtedly, a wolf. It was alone and didn’t approach us. We were a group of 3. Also on the site there were two vehicles and someone did hear us at one point but we remained hidden. We didn’t manage to explore the whole site for fear of being caught. It was raining so was hard to distinguish voices and footsteps. Many openings in the fence. Worth it!!

  108. Anonymous

    I would really like to visit this place. Can anybody tell me if there still is a gap in the fence? or any other way in

  109. Soul

    Hey guys has anyone visited the place lately? What s the conditions? Is it easy or hard spoy?

  110. Anonymous

    we went there yesterday. We had some time alone on the areal, then the security entered with a car through the main entrance, for a while, they were driving and walking around, until they caught us and requested us to leave the ground. Despite a great experience.

  111. Noname

    Went there two days ago, got into the abandoned area from “behind” quite easy, and then wondered around this amazing site for the whole day, without any major issue. actually there were many other people exploring the unsafe are like me.

  112. Leni

    Went there a couple weeks ago, one of the coolest places I’ve seen so far when it comes to abandoned buildings! We climbed the door at the “main entrance”, just watch out for the barbed wire. Lots of people and no guards, some guys even climbed up the ladder on one of the towers which I wouldn’t recommend in case you enjoy being alive.

    • Herrman


  113. Celia

    Been there in March 2021, seems there is a owner now, as they used it to film Dark, and there was security around we didn’t realise until they saw us and now i just got a letter from the police for trespass private property. So watch out.

  114. Jan

    The place was in fact sold and is going to be demolished for building houses. Sad.

  115. JustExplore211

    We were there on Saturday 2 weeks ago. No guards in the area. There were plenty of other adventurers around, some even with dogs and bikes. There is apparently a big hole in the construction fence on the west side, but we just climbed over the main entrance on the northern bridge. Some of the other like-minded people told us that they had met guards on the adjacent site who said they were not responsible for the factory and that it was not guarded at the moment. So take the chance before it is too late 😉
    We stayed there for 8 hours. The buildings are still in good shape and we were able to explore each building and roof. Definitely worth the trip! 

  116. Lovableraccoon

    I explore this place this week-end.

    The main entrance was closed, but I got a tipp from a local and the security guys (lol), how to get in! Security gards just document & don’t go inside.
    Parc your car in the other side, where the street: am bhf cross the Ernst-Thälmann-Str. Than cross the water using the bridge for the train!
    After this, go through an open fence & you are inside.

    To the location:
    The danger is hidden on the floor. In nearly die exploring the ground floor of a building because I was looking at the painting in the walls and didn’t see a deep dark hole… Mind your steps. Really…

    Got there at the sunset, the grey colors turning red is put magic. You can have a wonderful sunsetview above the trees. The stairs of one of the main buildings are solid and stable. If you suffer vertigo, it could be kind of a challenge.

    Wisch you a good and safe time. I can’t wait to see my analog pictures of this concrete burning under the sunset light…

  117. Anonymous

    Went last week. The security guard took a photo of us climbing over the gate, but then waved and said “no problem”, he just didn’t want us to go over to “his” area, which is this other factory still in use.
    We explored some cool basements and it’s definitely worth a try, just make sure to wear a mask- there was a bunch of weird stuff lying around, some of it looked like asbestos.

  118. Anonymous

    accessing form the west is definitely recommended. There is a big quarry behind and to the east of this site that has 24 hour guards. Don’t go near there or the train tracks behind and you will have a great urbex experience.
    Really cool site!

    • Danny D

      So you are recommending NOT going near train tracks, is that right? It sounded like others thought that is the best way. Would you mind clarifying/ helping me understand?

  119. Marc

    Visited today (13/02/2021). Still accessible and super easy
    via Ernst-Thalmann Str. and the tiny railway bridge that crosses the water.

    This is one of those abandoned places that don’t really degrade, since there’s nothing to degrade left. It’s still as in the pictures.

    Highlight: The silos‘ rooftop view (just be careful not to fall to certain death through one of the many holes in the ground). Enjoy!

  120. kees

    We were there March 2022. Accessing by the maingate was impossible. We entered by the trainbridge under the gate. We took pictures, etcetera, etcetera.

    • Danny D

      What is the train bridge? You mean you walked across a bridge for trains? What train? Sorry, I’m writing this from the States, trying to visualize. Actually we’ll have a car, likely, and need to figure the best place to park. You have any ideas? Thx!

      • Willbert

        I lived in Rüdersdorf some years. For me, the best way in all of the years was to go to the takeaway and Truckstop called “Süße Ecke” there you can Park on the Road.. from there you can Cross the Road -> you will see stairs.. Go down, turn right and follow the path until you reach the train Tracks. Turn left and stay left of the train. You will come to a Bridge.. follow the path and Not the train tracks. You will come to a fence and hopefully it will be Open. If you follow the train Tracks you also will come to the factory but its a lot longer.

  121. Anonymous

    18.06.22 Report! Saturday. The path is wide open from the northwest of the river site. From the tram station Rüdelsdorf, you walk north and cross the Henitzstraße bridge. There you will find a narrow path along the river. Once you walk underneath the train bridge you can turn right. Lovely and amazing place. Surprisingly clean! Please take home any trash that you bring and be careful and discret. Entry coordinates: 52°29’06.2″N 13°46’59.6″E

  122. Raimondo

    Visitata a fine agosto del 2022. Abbiamo utilizzato queste coordinate : 52°29’06.2″N 13°46’59.6″E.
    Il posto si presenta davvero interessante ed immenso. Abbastanza visitato (quando stavamo noi abbiamo salutato molte persone che visitavano come noi il posto).
    Nessun controllo.
    Di fondo consiglio di andarci il fine settimana.


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