Achtung! No longer abandoned. “Homeless” were turfed out, others moved in in 2020. The original post remains below for archival purposes.

Kinderkrankenhaus without a cure

The fence bends easily like they want you to come in. Some trees sportingly hinder progress briefly so you don’t feel cheated, but the invitation is clear from the open door – they’re willing you, begging you to enter.

No children cry here anymore, no longer do they suffer. No brave little soldiers, sad eyes wide above glistening cheeks, nor any laughter from those over the worst, happy now to be the center of attention, the cause of so much worry and pain. No birthday parties, Christmas parties, balloons or cake.

Visitors gave up waiting a long time ago. It’s too late to save any of them now. They’re all gone, the last drama played out before the wards were left creaking and empty, rooms bare and lonely. The Kinderkrankenhaus is krank and no one’s there to provide the cure. No wonder the little souls of those left behind are desperate for visitors to come through its doors once again.

The children’s hospital and women’s clinic in Neukölln was discarded like an old nappy in 2005, when it and two other local hospitals were closed down and shunted together to a new super-duper complex up the road.

Kaiser Wilhelm II, the Prussian king, must be spinning in his mausoleum at the thought. Germany’s last monarch decided in 1913 that Brandenburg needed a midwife school for Brandenburg. Germans not being people to do things by halves, not even for midwives, it was opened on July 1st, 1917, during the war.




















Under the leadership of Prof. Sigfrid Hammerschlag, it developed quickly and became very important, 20,000 nippers being brought into the world here by 1928.

Unfortunately, another crowd came into the world too and Prof. Hammerschlag was forced into retirement on November 1st, 1933 – because he was Jewish. Yep, Nazis.

In his inauguration speech the next day, Prof. Benno Ottow promised to fight for the “reorganization and inclusion of this clinic in the whole of the state structure under National Socialism without compromise.”

I presume all babies gave Nazi salutes as soon as they came out of the womb.

Prof. Ottow, who even had the Hitler mustache favored at the time, stayed in charge until 1945, when he managed to escape to Stockholm. There he worked with baby animals and wrote stuff about dinosaurs. He lived to the not insignificant age of 91 before dying in 1975.

Of course, the hospital was severely damaged in World War II, but it was rebuilt and progressively expanded over the decades.

A new children’s hospital building was built in 1969 and another new building with surgery and facilities to care for newborns and premature babies was built in 1978.

By this time 3,000 babies a year were seeing their first light of day here, making the Frauenklinik Neukölln the biggest such hospital in Germany for many years.




















Now, before it’s converted to apartments, it’s occupied by homeless people and crawling with Polizei.

“The police are here again! What do they want this time?” an old lady wheeling an even older one around the place said. “The place is full of homeless people, they need somewhere to sleep. One of them was killed in there a couple of weeks ago.”

“Au weia,” groaned the older one.

I skipped around the back of the complex (the police were at the front), turned off my phone (someone always rings at the worst moments) and went in.

No bodies, but long empty crumbling corridors, open doors, smashed glass and concrete crunching underfoot. Cheery paintings on walls somehow having the opposite effect. Everything’s smashed. Most of the buildings are the same. The older one, from 1917, is magnificent however, with statues on the outside walls, a wonderful stairway, great doorways and fantastic bay windows.

Some idiot tried burning it down though, so be careful if you go to the roof. Someone else was roaming around too. Voices drifted over every so often as I explored and admired the ubiquitous street art. I did stumble across a few hidden lairs, decrepit, dank and lonely, albeit luxurious when compared to what else must be available.

There’s not a huge amount else to see unless you get a kick out of meeting homeless people. Just don’t kick them back or you might rightfully end up in another hospital.





















  • What: Abandoned children’s hospital and previously Germany’s biggest women’s gynecology hospital for births, the care of newborns, premature nippers etc. By that, I mean the clinic was the biggest of its type in Germany, not that it was only for Germany’s biggest women. Ditto the hospital, it was abandoned. It wasn’t a hospital for abandoned children.
  • Where: Mariendorfer Weg 28 (older buildings) and Mariendorfer Weg 41, 48 (you guessed it, newer ones), Berlin 12051, Deutschland.
  • How to get there: S+U Bahnhof Hermannstraße‎ is quite close, on the U8, which links up with Alexanderplatz, and the Ring Bahn which is handy for everywhere else.
  • Getting in: Pretty damn easy. I walked around the block and pulled back the fence at the corner on Eschersheimer Straße.
  • When to go: Any time really. I went during the day so I could see things, but it’s probably a lot scarier at night, creeping around…
  • Difficulty rating: 2/10. Easy to get in, easy to get out, accessible by public transport; but check the comments below for the latest situation.
  • Who to bring: This isn’t really a place for romance, but you might want to bring a companion as back-up in case there are any unpleasant encounters with local inhabitants.
  • What to bring: Camera, beer, a large stick.
  • Dangers: The aforementioned inhabitants are of course not going to be happy with hordes of wide-eyed camera-toting explorers tramping through their living quarters, so I wouldn’t expect a warm welcome if you run into them. It’s understandable really – you wouldn’t like them nosing around your bedroom.
    You’ll need to watch out for the Polizei too. If it’s not one crowd, it’s another.


Zombie hospital

Zombie hospital

There’s a zombie hospital in Weißensee. It used to be for kids but they were all eaten, their brains gorged upon by the zombies that took their place.

Die Wiesenburg

Die Wiesenburg

Time overlooked the Wiesenburg while Berlin’s ruins were cleared or rebuilt after the war. The former homeless shelter in Wedding was left fend for itself.

Anatomy Institute

Anatomy Institute

The Institute of Anatomy endured a choppy past, with sadistic students conducting fevered experiments on people who were no longer in a position to object.


  1. Guillaume

    took a quick sneak peak today will be going back for sure. made it to the roof of the old building. no police,no toothless hobos and no fence jumping (was missing a whole section of fence) as you mentioned…. this place is begging to be explored. its a shame so much has been smashed tho

  2. Guillaume

    I returned, made our way in the basement of the newer part…. much fun and great pictures to be taken. Lots of mechanical stuff, many doors…its a bloody maze… did i say blood? Oh ya found a large puddle of blood with a spine in the middle of it (fortunatly, non-human) that got the girl freaked a bit. bit further through a couple doors, smell of something burning. could have been earlier in the day as theres no windows… But at this point we left. didnt see anyone or heard anyone. I vote this place as the best area to have a zombie walk / party.

  3. Anonymous

    I´ve been there yesterday and it was quite easy getting in. There´s a broken fence at the front of the building. But after one hour walking around, taking pictures in this nice place, there was a guy with a HUGE dog walking in the courtyard. When I left the building the dog came and bite me in my leg, not SO bad, but it still hurts. So pay attention to a guy with two big dogs off the leash. I´m thinking about making a report to the police, because it´s so easy getting into the building, actually kids could get in there and play, during there´s a agressive huge dog walking free.
    What do you think?
    (I´m sorry for my bad english)

  4. Spudnik

    I don’t think there’s any point in ringing the police. There were plenty of them there when I was there – and no dogs. I’d say it’s like any visit to any of these places – you just got to be careful. Grab a large stick and have it ready at all times.

    Unknown – sounds like you had a bloody good time. Nice one!

    Guillaume – thanks for your comments. Be careful!

  5. Anonymous

    The neighbours behind the hospital are quite nice but doesn’t have very much tolerance for photographers. I mean the people, running the car-shop next to the hospital. So better pay attention, cause I think it’s getting a bit too much for them.

  6. Jon

    I went there last summer with some friends and we stayed for a few nights. One of my friends had decided to squat there and we wanted to check out the building.

    It was quite creepy at night because we weren’t sure about the inhabitants, but when we met them they turned out to be quite nice guys. So, as long as you don’t invade their squats in the roof-level of the old building, they shouldn’t be any danger, but rather a bunch of nice guys.

    However, with drunken vandals – and I mean vandals, not sprayers – running through the building, smashing everything, it was quite creepy sleeping there and we were happy to be behind fire doors.

    But exploring the place, especially the basements and the roof (gives you a nice overview of Neukölln), is much really much fun.

    Unfortunatelly, my friend’s place was burglarised and his bagpack, bike and stuff taken, so I guess it’s a location for short visits, rather than a place to live.

    Too bad it will be transformed into yuppie-flats instead of being used rationally.

  7. Anonymous

    Been there Today…

    I spent about an hour in the new buildings and without have any problems.
    I noticed all the bottom level has been block of successfully to the old Building and also Between the whole new building and old building.

    I got in to the old building by going up the new building that is attached. On to the roof and though a small window in the roof. Walking around for a while.

    Then I must of set of a alarm on the bottom floor. The speaker is bolted to the floor and tells you If you are authorised to enter this building place you key on the green spot!

    As I didn’t have the key the alarm continued and after exploring for a while( about an hour).
    Some security Guards came in and I hide for about an hour then exited the way I came. (No police)

    Pretty hectic


  8. Anonymous

    I was there last weekend. Police man on the door. Be carefull!
    I was still able to explore for like 30min and scape through the back door

  9. Raphael

    Stumbled across your site this morning whilst looking for information on Spree Park. As it’s a Sunday, we decided to wait before going, and instead came here. It was easy to get in, there were about 3 other pairs milling about. We had no problems at all, though did stumble across a squat which had lots of used needles and drug paraphernalia lying around. Whilst we didn’t bump into anyone, it was very uncomfortable being there, and we left that part of the building quite quickly (roof of the old side-wing building).

    We then went down and tripped two alarms that warned us that security guards would be coming. We hid out, and though it sounded after about 30 minutes like somebody was slamming every single door in the building we were in, we never actually saw any security. Left nonetheless.

    Made our way to the new hospital – hopped the fence around the back by the cemetery. A group of guys were smoking shisha in one of the rooms, otherwise empty. Lots of fresh and old human shit in a lot of the rooms.

    Thanks for the blog Irish Berliner, it really is a great read and a fantastic blog. I intend to visit the other places you’ve listed, and to try and find my own, though if you ever want or need company, do feel free to let me know!

  10. roger

    Was there this weekend. No encounters except for an indifferent man and his bag on our way out.

    Very nice view from the roof which is easy the reach. Neighbors stared intensively at us from the other buildings but apparently they didn’t ring the polizei, or they did but they didn’t care to come.
    We weren’t able to reach the old though: all the access are bared with steel. Windows on the firt floor are open but the climbing seemed to dangerous. Signs warning of security were also placed. The difficulty and the protection to get in the old building contrasts with how easy it is to get in the two new ones.

    cheers, and thank you for this blog.

  11. steph

    We, a group of three have been there yesterday. We wanted to take some photos for a project and train our spraying skills.
    Well, we first strolled around a bit, like some other mentioned already, there are plenty of people at the area. We tried to find a nice way to get in the old house. We found two ways in, one at the backside where one of the metal panels was almost completely ripped off. Another entry could have been an open window which seemed to be much harder because of the height, it was the beautiful side house. So finally we choose to climb in the one at the backside also it was much more hidden and we had quite a lot of stuff with us.
    After probably 3 minutes walking around in the ground floor we somehow activated the movement alarm. So we left a bit in a hurry, since we were afraid of police. We hid in another side building and after a looooooong time security came. They were walking a dog as well. We stayed at the Kesselhaus at the first floor where you have a pretty good view over the big place and were able to hide each time security (but more just walkers) came. Definitely people were living there as well. But we met anyone.
    We would really love to go in there again, especially the big old house, it looks just beautiful! And were wondering if someone knows a good way to go in without setting the alarm free. Maybe through the huge house just at the beginning? It looks very easy to enter and there are no obvious steel panels like at the old house. But we were a bit afraid since we saw all the time people in there.. we guessed they were sprayers as well, but you never know.
    Thanks a lot for strolling around so much and letting us be part of it!
    All the best,

  12. Kyla

    thanks for your blog! I have been enjoying moving my way through the different sites. Did Spreewald first on a Sunday evening in March just after sunset, then hit up Teufelsberg a few weeks later and finally the Kinderkrankenhaus this last Friday, which unfortunately is most likely where I lost my cell phone. Might have to make a return trip. But I haven’t seen any security in any of the places yet, so that’s been a boon. Went to Teufelsberg again yesterday and had a nice BBQ up there with some friends.

    Do you need any adventure assistants for your new discoveries? I’d be a willing accomplice to your non-crimes…

  13. keohookalani

    So, I led a small group to the Children’s hospital, but the signs spooked us a bit, so instead of going inside, we just took a look at the outside. I know we probably missed a lot, but we noticed several motion detectors and avoided them. And then another group of people came through that looked like they were up to trouble, so we left so if the cops came, which we were more than sure they would, we wouldn’t be there. Still it was super cool.

  14. Noka

    Went today to take pictures, found a way in through the new building attached, not sure how to get out again though and stayed in the open outside places. Bumped into some people making a porno on the roof, this ever happen to anyone else?

  15. Spudnik

    Hey Noka, were they looking for extras?

  16. simon

    as of today, this is still a fine place to visit. didn’t run into anyone

  17. Spudnik

    Thanks for the update Simon.

  18. Anonymous

    So I visited here a while back around the end of 2011. I noticed on the infiltration forum a story about the blood and spine in the basement of the hospital (complete with photos) and googled it and found this thread. The reason I am both creeped out and curious about this is that when I went we came across chunks of what appeared to be raw meat, a pool of blood and a torso shaped out of foam with the genitals hacked up and covered in blood. And from what I can tell from the photos on the infiltration website in the same spot that the spine was found. I didn’t take photos as I got freaked out and ran out. I am guessing it’s someones idea of a joke perhaps. I hope.

  19. Guillaume

    Found my pictures eh? Sounds like you were there a bit before me as the torso of foam with the genitals hacked up and covered in blood were not there when we went. We were joking afterward about how it would be a great place to have a zombie party.

    My guess is maybe it was either a prank, or perhaps someone was doing a low budget movie? None the less i am glad i did not find that when i was in there alone a few days before.

    I miss Germany. So much cool places to explore.

  20. Spudnik

    Sounds fantastic!

  21. Anonymous

    I was there about a year ago but didn’t explore that much. Went today again and spent about 3 hours inside. It was easy to get into the old boarded up part, through the walkway “tunnel” that connects the buildings. There are motion detectors and someone made the alarm go off, was quite a lot of other qurious people there. Even though the alarm went off we still took a quick peek inside the old part and it took over 30 min before security came and shut the alarm off. By then we were back in the newer building and nobody seems to care much if you are there. Would need to go back there again to explore it fully. It’s obvious that people are sleeping in the building but that seems to be mostly on the top floors.

    A shame to see that the place is even more smashed up than last time I was there. Still worth a visit though!

  22. Spudnik

    Thanks for sharing your experience!

  23. Anonymous

    Firstly, sorry for the English … I was there last week, damn scary place, no police, no dogs – just sad buildings … It was raining which formed an incredible aura 🙂 My friend is a regular at the old hospital, in the summer lies on the roof, sometimes meditates, – he loves old hospital, which does not surprise me.
    I was in Berlin for the first time and I would definitely return to this place, I’ve done a lot of amazing pictures (each shootem I was afraid that something pops out from behind the corner of the wall … the script like any stupid horror;))
    I recommend to all, photographers, artists, tramps …
    Remember to be quiet, do not know how many children sleeping spirits when we will visit.


  24. Traveling Finn

    We went there yesterday, I don’t know what is going on there but we saw an constructer worker at the gate doing some repairs. Then I noticed that there were huge rubble tubing going inside one of the houses and while we were exploring the new building we heard some loud banging noices from the top floors. We were about to go to the older building but I spotted a guard and tought that it would best if we quit while we are winning. Other than that, there was not any trouble. We encounterd some local residents but they just greeted us whit smiles (I was holding a iron bar on my shoulder, ready for swing, so it might had something to do with it…)


  25. Lille Trille


    Love your blog! I have a friend coming over from Norway this weekend and I was planning to go there this weekend. I mentioned it to my flatmate and he said it has been closed down (boarded up and inaccessible) recently… I cannot find any information about it online, so I though to ask here whether someone knows anything about it?

    Best, Julie

  26. Chris

    Hey Lille,

    it isnt closed but guarded by a security man. We walked very slowly and quietly, but the security man was in the near and we knew, that he knows we are there. It was only possible to check out one of the buildings, then we have to go out. So be careful!

  27. Anonymous

    I’ve been three times in the last week. The first time it was early evening. We walked into the modern building and wanted to go to the roof, so we climbed the main stairwell to the top. However, the door appears to have been recently and roughly boarded up. You could easily get the board off with a simple cross head screwdriver, but we didn’t have anything on us. We then found that there’s a small service conveyor belt hatch that leads deeper into the building. We got into it and got up inside the beautiful wooden beamed roof. There was a strong smell of shit over on one side and some pretty new looking empty plastic bags lying around, so someone has been there recently.

    The second time we went at 1 in the morning after a thunderstorm. It was intensely scary. One of our party got too freaked out so we barely made it inside. The sound of the building is quite awesome – clunks and bangs and mysterious wind howls. Lightning was cracking in the clouds. I honestly don’t scare easily, I figure I can handle myself enough and I’m quite rational, I don’t believe in the supernatural, but the overall effect of the place had my heart racing.

    Finally we went back at midday yesterday. There is a security wagon stationed behind the old building to the left, with an old dude with a big beard reclining in a chair. As soon as he saw us walking round to enter the new building, he walked over and said ‘Go back. Go back please.’ He was stern but rather sweet so we complied. There would have been nothing stopping us hopping over a different bit of fence, but we didn’t feel like pissing him off unnecessarily, and went and sat in Tempelhof instead, and thought about airlifts and conservation instead.


  28. Spudnik

    Hey Rory, thanks for the update!

  29. Toxic

    I was there Yesterday,
    They are taking down the place to construct luxury apartments (ofc) The old builging will remain tho.
    There is a wagon with security and guys working on one of the buildings, We jumped the fence and a lovely Irish guy came to stop us. After a informal chat blablabla he allowed us to stay for a while… We couldnt sneak too much but the roof was worth it.

  30. Anonymous

    Visited today, was promptly escorted off the property by security guards/builders (same lovely Irish guy Toxic mentioned) who seem to be there during the day. Spoke with them briefly and they mentioned that they’ve been stationed there since the roof of the main building was set alight and mostly destroyed, as well as trouble with youths on the rooftops. This was on a Tuesday, unsure if security is present during night/weekends, will update when i go to visit again next week.

  31. Spudnik

    Thanks! You don’t need to say the guy was lovely on my behalf. Maybe he was, but still, don’t feel you have to say it just because he’s Irish…

  32. Anonymous

    Darn, sounds like its hard to get in now :(..
    I was actually born there so I wanted to go back andake pics of the room I was born in.
    Might give it a try anyway.

  33. Anonymous

    I went yesterday with some friends. I wanted to climb the fence (really easy) when somebody was approaching me. So I asked him a few questions about the building and if he was the security or something. I told him me and some friends would love to take some pictures. He said I had to go to the back of the building where the caravan is. He opened the fence, but I was nog aloud to go inside the buildings. But he let us walking free. So i still went inside some buildings. But one of the best was closed. I asked him if I could go inside. He opened the door for me and let me walk free inside. But I got a little bit afraid, because I kept hearing sounds from the basement. Like somebody was still there. I went to ask the man if there could be somebody in the basement. I think he misunderstood me (he was from Poland) he said he would guide me to another building to the basement where all the dead baby’s where brought. I followed him but I was a little afraid because it was really far down and I could see absolute nothing except for my flashlight from my camera. So I would definately not recommend that. But it was a thrill that’s for sure. The man is a construction worker they live there in the caravan. So it will be hard to get in there unoticed but you can ask them!

  34. Anonymous

    I went there on Tuesday afternoon with friends. There was a security van at the main entrance on the west side, the best way to get in is climbing a small fence on the southern side. We spent 2 hours there and we didn’t see anyone, but some people are obviously sleeping there at night. The most interesting building is definitely the one in the middle of the site, with lots of graffiti and a rooftop (don’t miss the fresco in a big room on the ground floor). We got caught by an old security guard after climbing to the top of the building, but we were not so discrete and the rooftop was indeed quite dangerous. He just drove us brutally to the exit of the site. Go there for sure !

  35. Anonymous

    We just came back. At the main entrance there was a whole family sitting in front of a garage and trailer (baby stroller, laundry line etc.). When we climbed over the lower fence on the backside, the dodgy guy from the main entrance appeared with a bat in his hand and told us to get out. We were surprised that he appeared so quickly, but he told us that there is a camera installed and if we try again he will call the police. “No people inside. Accident” he told us. We really wondered who this areal belongs to, because we couldn’t image who would employ such a weird guy to secure the premise. If you come here, better come with a Plan B. We didn’t have one and unfortunately mobile reception was too bad to have a look at the “Abandoned Berlin”-Map in order to find a place not too far away. So disappointedly we drove back home.

  36. Anonymous

    Warning ther a 2 guids and mutch off alarm systemyou cant go any more inside but on the left side is a old building that is okey you go to the gate there is a wood lock for the gate climb over it and you can see the bulding is very cool ther 🙂 but be carefulll 😛

  37. Anonymous

    Thinking of going this wekend. Has anyone else been there lately?

  38. Anonymous

    We were there on Sunday. Someone is protecting it. Just hide in a room when you hear him. He didn’t notice us and we could easily explore the complex.

  39. Spudnik

    Thanks for the update! And to the previous updaters too.

  40. Anonymous

    We were there yesterday. It was a bit hard to find the broken fence to sneak in. But we made it, there is a crooked fence aside from an apartment beside the hospital. We explored the area for 10 minutes, and then when we’re agreed to explore further into another building we saw a white car inside the building, which was not there before and 2 men came out of it. They saw us and directly yelled at us. We didn’t really care if we could make agreement with him to explore further bcause we are already frightened enough.

    We ran away from him as fast as we can. And one of us said that we was chasing us. Goddamn this is just like in a thriller movie :)). So we tried to jump over the fence asap and get the f out of there.

    Was really spooky and shocking but yet exciting and awesome ! Bcause this was our first time experience.

    Thank you !

  41. Anonymous

    Went here with a group of friends today for the second time. We made a first visit last week, and the security were aware we were interested in the buildings. One of them actually invited us inside, but it was getting dark so we said we would come back another day- today. Today the same security guard wasn’t there but it looked as if they were beginning surveying the property so the gates were open, so we went up to one of the men near the caravan and asked if we could have a look around. Turns out he was one of the other security guards and also let us roam the grounds and a few of the ground floors for about half an hour. It is quiet dangerous. There is glass and insulation and plaster all over the floors so you have to pay attention to where you’re walking. Some of the rooms and hallways are pitch black so its super scary. Only the newer buildings that are going to be demolished are accessible, and you can’t get very far into them because many of those fire doors have been bolted shut. The security guard came and found us after a while, and then actually gave us a quick tour of the old main building- which is now super secure and can only be accessed with a key unless you like climbing. He also told us people used to hold orgies on the top floor and showed us the rooms they were in- they were pretty nasty as they had even pooed on the floor. I took a lot of photos so I may link them here later this year when I have returned home to Australia.

    If you do go, just be nice to the security guards as they are really nice people themselves. They just don’t want to deal with squatters and druggies and people that are careless. Do not go at night! Far too dangerous. If you are wanting to go you better be quick. Apartments are going up sometime very soon, infact the repairs on the old roofs begin next week. Enjoy

  42. Anonymous

    I went today, it was easy enough to just jump over one of the walls, a few others i met there just climbed one of the fences that are concealed by trees. It is very easy to access the ground.
    I looked around inside the newer buildings (that are half destroyed) there was not a lot to see really.

    The old building looked great from the outisde but I didn’t notice a way in (the main front door is chained shut).
    There is a white cabin near one of the entrances (round the back of the old building) that I noticed had a guy sitting in there so i steered clear of that area (he might have been friendly he might not have been, I didn’t want to risk it – another reason why I couldn’t access the old building).

    Thanks for all the info!

  43. Anonymous

    I also saw this guy. But sinve we went at night during the winter, he sat next to a firepit… and he was chasing us with a flashlight so…
    Better stay away from hin. He might be a sec guard.. idk

  44. Anonymous

    We just ran into the guy today… He was friendly but dumped us out of the area instantly. 🙁

  45. Anonymous

    I tried to get in today and saw the security guy and since he noticed me, I tried to talk to him. Like “Hey, do you know if there is a legal way to see these buildings?” and he was like “There is nothing to see.” Me: “Oh, I think there is a lot to see.”, he “There is just decay and trash, nothing to see.” and me again “But some people do want to see exactly that!”… I got the feeling I could as well end the conversation here. I think it’s really easy to get in, but after I talked to him I didn’t want to risk it. Anyway, he told me the place is going to be torn down soon :O Don’t know if it’s true or what “soon” means…

  46. Anonymous

    Nice coincidence 🙂
    We were there at the same day around evening.. so probably it was the same guard who followed us all the time. We first made a photo at the entrance where the guard is sitting and then continued to walk along Mariendorfer Weg back to S/U. He followed us all the time from behind the building. Creepy..

  47. Anonymous

    I went there a couple of days ago. Getting in was easy, we explored the newer buildings for a bit but it was boring. As soon as we have found a way into the old one, we were chased by very angry “guards”. At least they seemed to be guards, I have doubts cause they were younger and their accent sounded british. They walked half of our group out, as me and another girl hid in a little dark corner and as soon as the voices faded we tip toed our way out.

  48. Anonymous

    Went there yesterday and it’s really a vast place to explore. PLEASE NOTE:
    1/ There’s a guard. When we were there he seemed to enjoy staying in his booth.
    2/ They’ve put grease and other things to make you dirty as you trespass. Not everywhere but some places.Take it into consideration and either bring cloths you don’t care about or some rags.
    3/ There’s a HUGE TUNNEL that wasn’t mentioned in the original post but only on the comments. Quite creepy if you’re by yourself but otherwise much fun 🙂

    Have a blast 🙂

  49. Anonymous

    Went there yesterday (again, I’m the same person as 4 days ago) and this time the first floor of one of the buildings was covered all around in nylon and there were people working there. They had electricity there and the radio was on. Dunno what they were doing there and we preferred not to meet them. We did hear them speaking Russian. Is it renovation? Is it a meth lab? Go talk to them and let us know 🙂

  50. Anonymous

    better you do not come, or you get in trouble with the police.The security service

  51. Anonymous

    We went there today, we didn’t get in. Construction workers all over the place. The newest part of the buildings were getting demolished. I hope they will not do this to the beautiful old building. We talked about getting back after working hours, but then we saw a trailer. Looks like there is 24 hours security present. All the fences were fixed anyway.
    I was really looking forward to take a look inside. But will have to try other places I guess.

  52. Matt Voges

    Water Slide is the best gift for kids whose birthdays are celebrated during the summer months. If you’re planning about a birthday party for your child you can make it a pool party by water slide game.

  53. Anonymous

    Went there with a friend this weekend. We had to go over a fence to get in there (pretty easy), but the whole building and area is under construction. They locked all entrances, so no way to get in there easily. We just sneaked in through a tiny tiny broken window (you have to be flexible and not to tall I would say) at the front entrance (red main building). I think during the week it´s impossible to get in, but on the weekend it should be fine when no construction is going on. Once you got in, you can easily walk almost everywhere and take your pictures. No homeless people living there.

  54. Anonymous

    Tried to go here today. Unfortunately it’s completely under construction so there’s absolutely no chance of going in during the daytime in the week.

  55. Anonymous

    Tired to get in in early morning. Little construction work going on. Got out right before 8 when they are all there, all gates open with trucks. But there is no construction on the other side of the street (41, 48) and it’s definitely worth a visit and fun.

  56. Anonymous

    Other side of the street the building are totally demolished. Nothing left. The hospital itself is being converted into flats and a retirement home right now. Nothing to see or do anymore.

  57. Anonymous

    Place is gone….There is a big Building Site now.

  58. Anonymous

    Visited the place today and managed to get in. It has NOT been demolished and there is no construction/building work going on. As far as I’m aware, it’s a listed building, which is why it’s still ‘standing’. I think whoever has commented that it’s been renovated into flats or whatever is trying to keep people away. We managed to jump over the outer fence using some wheelie bins strategically placed for that very purpose. Once inside, there’s an inner fence but there are lots of holes that you can climb through. We didn’t see anyone inside the building/s but we heard a door creaking nearby twice so there was obviously someone there. We also saw sleeping bags inside so there is clearly signs of life. When we went to leave, there was a guy by the outer fence who pushed the wheelie bins down (the ones we used to jump over). He didn’t see us as we hid behind the trees in the forest surrounding the building. It was really strange as we were unsure if he was trying to keep us in or keep people out! He didn’t look like a security guard – he had dark hair and a black vest on. Maybe just a pissed off resident?! I would recommend a visit but be careful not to be seen by ANYONE, take care on the uneven floors and carry a big stick with you for protection! There’s plenty lying around!

  59. Anonymous

    Was there today, the place is a giant building site. No trace of old sites like mentioned in the comment above… Strictly nothing to see.

  60. Unknown

    Not abandoned anymore. Its going to be apartments soon.

  61. Anonymous

    Not abandoned anymore, people have already moved in (Aug 2020).


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