Behold the Abandoned Berlin map! It shows the locations of all the places covered on this site or the two books to have come from the project.

The only reason there is a map is because a French reader got in touch to complain about the lack of a map. He was positively outraged. “A map would be really helpful!” he said.

I was already providing addresses to places and directions on how to find them but that wasn’t enough. He wanted encore plus!

Well, after the initial indignation passed, I thought about it and agreed, indeed a map would be very useful! It means you can plan to visit several nearby sites all in one day. Or you can work out a schedule for a week of explorations if you’re so inclined.

There’s no longer any need to wander aimlessly around Brandenburg, running the risk of bumping into rabid AfD voters while searching for some long-lost ruin.

Check the map below, and the monsters will lead the way. Just watch out for monsters, too.

So merci to that French guy for getting in touch and making the suggestion. It’s thanks to him and only him that there is a map at all. And it shows that your criticisms and suggestions are indeed taken seriously.

As always, if you do have suggestions, criticisms, advice, and especially if you know of some forgotten or hidden gem that isn’t featured here already, let me know!

Get in touch through any of the social media links featured at the bottom of this page, or leave a comment below.

You can also email explore[at]abandonedberlin[dot]com. Vielen Dank!


  1. Zefar

    The anatomy institute unfortunately doesn’t exist anymore. They have demolished it.

    • AB

      Thanks Zefar. I know, it’s terrible.

  2. baumenia

    I think the TetraPak factory with the distillery nearby is missing on the map

    • Spudnik

      You’re right! Thank you. They’re new posts and I never updated it but will add them tomorrow. Thanks again!

  3. I.

    Me and a friend decided to check this place out around early september.
    We walk into this odd “abandoned building” and all the doors are open and tons of equipment on the floor
    We go in through a door and I see a bathroom, so I check it out and I’m like how odd, running water. My friend uses it after me and as I’m waiting for her. a guy walks in with a cup of coffee and stares at me and goes what are you doing here? turns out, they’ve reopened it, we almost went into a sterile area of a lab.
    it’s a cool place, but was very much NOT abandoned.

    • Spudnik

      You forgot to mention which place this was!

  4. idontwanttogiveyoumyname

    beim “Güterbahnhof Pankow” wird seit ein paar Jahren gebaut also nicht mehr wirklich betretbar… sonst ist die Karte super aktuell!

  5. Felix Heilbronner

    Updates to the TetraPak Factory: it’s being demolished right now and there are cameras everywhere.

    The Pankow Schwimmhalle also has a new Fence, which has already been forcefully opened tho


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