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The rollercoaster ride of East Germany’s only fun park

The spirits of dead clowns had been mocking me long enough. For weeks they’d been goading me, taunting me, deriding me for not venturing in. Finally, I confronted them, stared down my fears and faced the creepy carnies.

Getting over the fence was easier than I thought. Almost as if they’d been expecting me. They wanted me to come in. I hit the ground and stopped. All eerily quiet as I surveyed the area around me. I looked around again.

Nothing. Just trees and shrubs. Cautiously, heart beating like a drum-drum-drum, I proceeded up the bank toward the overgrown path, slipping in the soft ground.

I heard something. What’s that?! A snicker? A suppressed laugh from a tree perhaps. Or one of the evil clowns. I looked back again but saw nothing was there. All quiet.

“Calm down!” I told myself. “There’s no one here, nothing here. You have the whole park to yourself!”

I’d finally made it into Spreepark, the old East German amusement park flanked by the River Spree, abandoned to the elements on the edge of Berlin’s Treptower Park.

And what a place it is!





















After opening as the VEB Kulturpark Plänterwald for the GDR’s 20th birthday on October 4, 1969, it was hugely popular, not least because of its 40-meter Riesenrad (Ferris wheel) with 36 cabins. This was upgraded twenty years later to coincide with GDR’s 40th birthday celebrations to a 45-meter model with 40 cabins. Germans take their birthdays very seriously.

East Germany’s only permanent fun park, the 29.5-hectare Kulturpark Plänterwald was host to some 1.7 million visitors a year at its peak.

But its big wheel wasn’t the only one in motion in 1989. A little over a month after the new Riesenrad began turning, the fall of the Berlin Wall marked the beginning of the end for VEB Kulturpark Plänterwald.

The GDR was no longer around to pick up the tab and in 1991 it was sold to Norbert Witte, with the lease on the land made out to his wife Pia.

Bureaucracy meant the details were only finalized six years later.

Witte already had a colorful past, to say the least. The carnival operator was responsible for the deaths of seven people when he crashed a crane into a carousel while attempting to repair the “Katapult” rollercoaster in Hamburg in 1981. Fifteen people were also injured, some seriously, in what is Germany’s worst carnival disaster to date.

“It was the worst thing I’ve experienced in my life,” Witte says in Peter Dörfler’s excellent ‘Achterbahn’ (Rollercoaster) documentary. And he’s had plenty of ups and downs as the film shows.

Spreepark Abandoned Berlin amusement park 2009 1020100
Spreepark Abandoned Berlin amusement park 2009 1020095
Spreepark Abandoned Berlin amusement park 2009 1020068

The Wittes opened the renamed Spreepark in 1992 and put a lot of effort into bringing it up to Western European standards. They were confident of attracting 1.8 million visitors a year and invested 40 million Deutschmark by 1997, with half of that on credit.

New attractions were added – canals, a lake, the “Grand Canyon” water ride, giant rotating cups, a circus tent, pirate ship, rollercoaster, and even a Wild West town where stuntmen used to perform, complete with saloon, bank and play halls.

Despite attracting some 1.5 million visitors in 1993, however, it was as good as it got. The numbers dwindled thereafter. Only 400,000 visitors graced the park with their presence in 2001 before Spreepark finally closed its doors for the last time on Nov. 4 that year.

A lack of parking, escalating prices, disputes and dodgy dealings all contributed to its demise. The city’s decision to declare Plänterwald a nature reserve certainly didn’t help, as Witte was prevented from building the parking spaces Spreepark needed. Bankruptcy was the result. Debts of €11 million were reported.

Witte fled to Peru in 2002, along with his family and six of Spreepark’s attractions, hopeful of opening another fun park in Lima. A friend of friend told him it would be a good idea. There were problems from the outset, however, and Witte was suffering from heart problems. The debts kept mounting.

In 2003, Norbert Witte was jailed for eight years for attempting to smuggle 181 kilos of cocaine worth some €15 million back to Germany in the masts of the “Flying Carpet” ride. He was released after four years while his son was left languishing in Lima’s Sarita Colonia prison for 13 years before he secured a transfer to Moabit in 2016. Norbert had the fortune to be caught in Germany, Marcel the misfortune to be caught in Peru.

“I’m responsible for it. My son would have had nothing to do with such people or at all with such a thing. I have to live with that for the rest of my life,” Witte said.

Pia said she would never forgive him. The couple’s relationship ended in Peru.

Spreepark, meanwhile, was left to rot among the trees and foliage of Plänterwald, its rollercoasters rusty and neglected, the water-slide’s boats covered in leaves and dirt, buildings boarded up, and fun-rides left only for the birds and rats to enjoy.

Witte never gave up on his dream to revive Spreepark.

“Once a showman, always a showman,” he said.





















But the fun park’s strange tale took an unexpected turn in March 2014 when the city bought it back through the state-owned Liegenschaftsfonds Berlin in a murky deal for just over €2 million after agreeing with creditors to let their losses go. It had been for sale on eBay before that. Not a word of a lie.

A Berlin concert promoter previously bid nearly €2.5 million at an auction for Spreepark in July 2013, well above the Finanzamt Treptow-Köpenick’s asking price of €1.62 million. It was abruptly withdrawn from auction after the promoter’s bid. The other bidder had been the Liegenschaftsfonds Berlin so you’d wonder why it was up for auction at all.

The lease given to Pia Witte stipulated that the land must remain in use as an amusement or recreational park until 2061, so this had scared many potential investors away, and it prohibits the city from flogging off the land for apartments.

Or so it should, anyway. These are Berlin’s politicians we’re talking about. If anyone can find a way to turn Spreepark into apartments, they can.

The city officially took over on April 30, 2014, when the Wittes and their entourage moved out. Norbert had moved back into a caravan on the site, and his daughter Sabrina was doing tours at weekends. Pia had given an undertaking to remove all the caravans.

The fence was replaced with a sturdier one and the new owners provided security. Both fence and the security were beefed up after some idiots burned down the 5,000-square meter “Old England” themed area in August 2014.

The mammoth and a couple of dinosaurs were already gone by then, following the example set by their once living brethren. The last I saw of the poor mammoth was on April 22, 2014. He was gone when I went back on May 9. Perhaps the May Day festivities took their toll.

Grün Berlin, the same crowd running Tempelhof, took over Spreepark in December 2015 via the state-run property management company Berliner Immobilienmanagement GmbH (BIM).

They want to reopen the fun park as a watered-down version of what it was before – a fun park without the fun.

“There won’t be a classic amusement park there anymore,” finance senator Matthias Kollatz-Ahnen said in November 2015, when he envisaged “a minimalist concept” for Spreepark. Minimal thought and minimal effort.

It was due to reopen in 2016, but Berlin snorts due dates for breakfast. Nothing is ever built or done here on time.

Now the plan is for Spreepark’s reopening (if you can call it that) to be done in stages. The almost-refurbished Eierhäuschen beside Spreepark was down for opening in autumn 2022. Surprise! It didn’t happen. The Eierhäuschen was no doubt given priority over the actual fun park because of the 540 paying customers it would be able to gather money from in the pub and Biergarten. Spreepark itself is penciled in for reopening in 2024 with the final works completed by 2026.

Spreepark Abandoned Berlin amusement park 2014 6235
Spreepark Abandoned Berlin amusement park 2022 1628
Spreepark Abandoned Berlin amusement park 2022 1592

Grün Berlin has basically cleared Spreepark of almost everything that was great about it. The famous Ferris wheel that used to loom over the park, with cabins begging for someone to climb in, has been dismantled amid promises it will return after refurbishment. We’ll see.

The Ferris wheel – if it returns (they need to find an operator) – will be the only moving attraction in the new Spreepark. There are no plans for any rollercoasters or any other fun rides. All the fun will have to take place in your head instead as you take in all the less financially risky “art and culture” Spreepark will supposedly offer.

“You’ll be able to go over art, sit on art and ride in the Ferris wheel with art,” Grün Berlin’s artistic director Katja Aßmann said in September 2021.

Art is cheaper than dinosaurs. Only three of the original dinosaurs that used to roam the park will return, apparently. Two of them were headless, but their heads were returned by anonymous donors.

For a city that can waste billions on malfunctioning airports and pointless Prussian palaces, you’d imagine it could also spend a few extra euros on some more plastic dinosaurs. But no, the dinosaurs evidently failed to endear themselves to the right people.

No expense has been spared on the fence keeping people out. Security is also on site 24 hours a day, seven days a week. But yet it couldn’t stop people kidnapping the dinosaurs. There were none at all left by the summer of 2022.

Spreepark Abandoned Berlin amusement park 2009 1020081
Spreepark Abandoned Berlin amusement park 2009 1020061
Spreepark Abandoned Berlin amusement park 2010 1090754

In 2013, a 90-year-old woman broke into Spreepark and had to be rescued from the Ferris wheel after the wind carried her up but not back down again.

It used to be so nice here,” she said. “I simply wanted another go.”

Sneaking into Spreepark was always accompanied by a thumping heartbeat, tension bordering on terror, and waves of adrenaline sending heightened senses off the chart. The eerie silence would be broken at times by weird industrial noises, creaking, groaning, wailing and screaming.

Spraoí, coincidentally pronounced Spree, means fun in Irish, and there’s probably more spraoí to be had sneaking in than there ever was in its days as an operational fun park.

Strange wildlife called Spreepark home, and they did their best to frighten the bejaysus out of intrepid explorers. Rustling in the grass, shuffling in the trees and so on.

Near where the Ferris wheel used to turn, angry-looking swan-boats flanked an abandoned Viking ship with a dragon’s head. That too was decapitated.

The sad remains of the dinosaurs floundered nearby. They took to drink in the later years. The poor old Tyrannosaurus rex lay on his side, stocious, cursing his puny little useless arms. He was accompanied by a headless elasmosaurus, trapped by a surrounding fence. Grün Berlin didn’t want any more escaping. Not that it made any difference.

The rollercoaster cars are still lined up, raring to go, eager to plunge into the gaping jaws of the fearsome-looking psychedelic cat, my favorite cat in the world. It has firmly established itself as the Spreepark’s friendly face. But red and white barricade tape warns away anyone who thinks of getting too close. And Grün Berlin says the carts will never roll again, leaving the psychedelic cat to cry in despair.

Perhaps nowhere in Berlin has provided as many thrills and spills as this old abandoned East German fairground. Its story is one hell of a rollercoaster. But it looks like it’s finally ground to a halt.






















  • What: Spreepark Berlin. Abandoned amusement park.
  • Where: Kiehnwerderallee 1-3, 12437, Berlin.
  • How to get there: Get the S-Bahn to Plänterwald or Treptower Park and walk from there. Map can be accessed here.
  • Getting in: The fence is ridiculously study and hard to climb. There are warning signs in several languages making it clear to people that they’re not very welcome. It’s a difficult climb.
    Otherwise, Grün Berlin offer tours of the little that’s left to see for €5 during the summer months. You need to book well in advance. Here’s the link: https://spreeparkfuehrung.reservix.de/events
  • When to go: Daytime is definitely easier to get in, explore, see things and take photographs. You are more likely to be seen yourself then too, however. Nighttime is definitely spookier, albeit more dangerousthere’s a watch dog on site at night.
  • Difficulty rating: 9/10 if you go on your own, 1/10 if you take a tour.
  • Who to bring: Friends. Do NOT go alone!
  • What to bring: Camera. Beer. A bottle of tequila is also good, preferably with oranges and cinnamon. Can be drunk either beforehand for courage, while sitting beside the River Spree, or while straddling any unfortunate remaining dinosaurs.
  • Dangers: Security is there all day and all night, with the aforementioned dog joining them at night. The guards are bored and have nothing better to do than look for intrepid explorers. You’ll likely need to stay alert, very quiet, and off the main paths to evade detection. Stay vigilant. Try not to jump out of your skin every time a dog barks. If it’s daytime it’s most likely just a pooch going for a stroll beside the river. If it’s nighttime, RUUUUNNN!!!! Also watch out for nosy passers-by who may feel it’s their duty to report people having fun, you know, the old bitter types. And watch out for the dead clowns.

    Photos (2009)

    Photos (2010)

    Photos (2013)

    Photos (2014)

    Photos (2019-22)

    Filed 11/6/2009 | Updated 14/3/2023 (With latest info, more archive photos.)

    That’s entertainment



    Security was tight in the Underberg herbal rotgut distillery as they thought only five humans knew the secret recipe. Now the secret’s out.

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    Blackland Rock & Metal Bar

    The appropriately named Blackland Rock & Metal Bar has joined Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix and Lemmy in the otherworld after going up in flames.


    1. Imogen

      I didn’t realize until today how close Plaenterwald is to where I’m living, so I rode past Spreepark today. A black Mercedes was there along with another couple of cars. And the ferris wheel was turning, which creeped me out a bit. Was it turning when you were there?

      There’s some festival happening there soon, so I’m wondering if people were setting up for that.

    2. Spudnik

      I’d say so. I just found out about this today from Click Clack:

    3. Imogen

      yep, that’s it. I probably would have considered going if I wasn’t broke, and going to Baden-Wuerttemberg this weekend.

      I stumbled across this blog while reading ex-pat blogs, so hello!
      you have a nice blog here.

    4. Robin

      There is a ctually a guard with a dog …but I think they are only there when their car is inside the park, so just wait until they get out and then jump over.

    5. Joel Lillo

      This park is used very effectively as a setting in the new movie Hanna. I’d highly recommend this unusual thriller.

    6. Jo Archer

      Great blog.
      My partner and I went here a couple of years ago. He’s a photographer and wanted some shots, so I stood lookout whilst he went over the fence.

      Bit of a panic when I saw the guard’s car come back past. Lots of very conspicuous, urgent whispering and calls for Si to get back over.

      Hadn’t had so much fun in years; it was like being a kid again!

    7. Caleb

      Visited in August. Got some great pictures, but we got caught by the security guards. They told us that they were going to call the police, who would fine us 350 euros, unless we deleted all our photos. I stalled and played the dumb tourist bit, and they eventually just ordered us to leave, so I got away with my pictures.

    8. Wisam

      Sounds like something out of a scooby doo adventure, looking forward to some mischief!

    9. gb

      I was there 11/11/11 in the afternoon by myself. I’d say it was my favorite part of Berlin. The groaning and creaking of the ferris wheel is very eery (it wasn’t turning tho). There is also a guest book that had several recent signatures.

      I did notice that black mercedes outside the entrance. However, I had no trouble, and I was within 20-30m of it. I freely walked around the entire afternoon.

    10. Madeleine Appelros

      My friend and I went to Spreepark yesterday, Wednesday 18th January. As soon as we got there we saw several cars parked inside near the main entrance, but decided to go in anyway. We found a hole and snuck in. We explored an old building (not sure what it was very awesome though) and made it around to the ferris wheel and the village like houses there. We might have been inside for about an hour and all of a sudden a security guy came speeding around the corner and caught us! He was actually very friendly. Told us to delete our photos and that it was private land. He asked us what way we came in and then we had 2 minutes to get out until he set his dogs on us…he followed us out, but actually opened the main gate for us. As we were walking away he was crouched down repairing the hole we had climbed through. So it wasn’t that fun getting caught obviously, wish we could have explored more of the park, but the security wasn’t scary or dodgy at all, didn’t mention anything about fines or showing identification. All in all it was totally worth it!!!

    11. Anonymous

      Me and a large group of friends went here on Saturday. We didnt notice any cars parked by the entrance but there was what looked like a caravan in the park so we went around through a hole on the river side and snuck in. We tried our best to stay concealed but after nearly an hour some of us heard dogs in the park and we bolted vaulting straight over the fence. We didnt get caught at all, but it was so much fun. We must have been really lucky to not encounter the guards, it was foggy and snowing when we went which was really eerie! I thought it was amazing 🙂 such an experience! If you do go I recommend keeping in the trees and over growth and try to stay near the holes in the fences. We went right up to the Ferris wheel which is where the dogs started barking…

    12. Sharpteeth

      Haha, we were there on the 20th!

      A police car was parked outside the entrance but crept away as we approached. A group of 5 walked past the cops and towards us, nonchalant as we were trying to be as we circled the outside for our way through the fence. Two women and a bunch of dogs played within a fence although apparently not part of the park. We passed a further conspicuous trio before finding the downed fence we’d heard about. We jumped over as the day began to darken.

      Once in, we made our way to the cat-wizard’s mouth where we thought we saw movement. We shat pants for a second and decided it was safe to continue. 5 minutes later, the cat-wizard puked out the group we saw by the cop car. They had been hiding from us. So two nervous groups wondered around en mass for a moment, taking photos and freaking the fuck out when the ferris wheel started to groan and move at pace. Well, pace enough for an abandoned ferris wheel. The metallic clanks from the shipyard across the water adding to the teen slasher movie feel of the park at dusk. Further explorations led us to the earlier trio who had also used our downed fence. And so it was that 3 groups comprised of 11 strangers met in Spreepark and wondered freely without the hassle of dogs or security and got some lovely photos to boot. Wouldn’t be the same without the fear and I wouldn’t have had as much fun creeping round corners like Tenchu if it were a paid tour.

      Thoroughly recommended mischief.

    13. Anonymous

      I saw this in “Hanna”. so sad to see this all wasting away. Why don’t they put these items up for sale? They would be very popular all over the world! I went to a park like this in the USA as a child, such fond memories. It is so sad that it is not still in use.

    14. Anonymous

      A friend and I found Spreepark when we were travelling around Europe and heard a rumour about it (it was all very hush hush) and decided to go check it out. Everyone we asked told us to be careful or not to go there -that there were security men and guard dogs. We had this idea that it had security cameras and a gang of men inside with scary Dobermans or Pitbulls. Without knowing much we eventually found it and waited until no one was walking past and climbed the fence (approx 4 metres). It was incredibly overgrown, i’ve got pictures of the rollercoster cars almost completely taken over by weeds and tree branches. My heart pounded the whole time, but we didn’t come across another soul. It’s funny but i was a bit disappointed that we didn’t get chased by a pack of guard dogs and security men.

    15. Connor

      the whole idea of it sounds amazing, i really want to go. Has anyone got any photos i can see?

    16. Siobhan

      Just got back from a college trip to Berlin and our tutors took 30 of us to go look at the park (we’re art/photography students) when we arrived the tutors told us we weren’t allowed to go in and that we should walk round the outside and take photos.
      But after the group spread out a bit we saw one of our tutors inside with some of our group so we walked back to a fallen bit of fence we had just passed to get in, once in it was so interesting to see. But we couldn’t find our tutor inside so we we’re quite creeped out and felt we should leave.
      Then a bit further down the outside path we met up with our tutor and went back in under a gap in the fence. We saw this really cool rusted up rollercoaster type ride with egg shaped pods that hung underneath, after snapping a few photos our tutor made us leave again.
      I would have loved to explore for the entire day but what I did see was great.
      We didn’t see any security about but it had definitly been visited recently.

    17. Siobhan

      If you wanted to see I’ve uploaded some photos from spreepark here flickr.com/photos/shiv_photo/

    18. Maldito Psicopata

      I was there today and I got caught 😀

      there are least a couple of security guys. as a matter of fact this park opens sundays and they have guided tours. but I don’t think that they show you that much.
      not the ferris wheel either. cause in that zone everything it’s pretty dangerous.
      yeah, the wheel moves by itself all the time thanks to the wind.
      photos are forbiden and they make you delete them if they see you with a camera. but I get away with my pics.
      pretty interesting park. a lot of “trespassers” tho,
      going by night would be trouble because there are so many holes and shit around.
      by the way there are no dogs in the park. but there’s a day care for dogs next to the park so you can hear them very close.

    19. Anonymous

      I don’t know what you are talking about, I was there last weekend and if you pay them something, they will let you roam around the park with a security guard. There are also several tours throughout the week and weekend.

      Also for 2 euros you can take the train around the park. You can also take pictures, no one said anything. It seems pretty normal to take pictures. There is also a cafe and “restaurant”. Pretty chill and nice.

      I think the days of breaking into this place are over. There is a lot going on there, even on weekdays there are people inside doing construction. There are also mobile homes in there. Too much activity in the park, it is better to just go on the weekend or book a tour.

    20. fiat lux

      just got back from visiting Berlin and went to check this place out. got in through a bit of fallen fence on the side that runs along the river. saw a few cars and a caravan round by the main entrance so steered well clear of there. also it is a good idea to enter from thr furthest side becuase if you do get caught you get escorted back through the park and get to see a bit more than if you came through the main entrance. ferris wheel was turning and squeaking when we entered – very eerie. the whole place has a really odd feel about it because the pathways surrounding the perimeter are quite busy with tourists and locals but as soon as you are inside it all goes deadly quiet apart from the sounds of the birds and the ferris wheel. such a shame that a place like that is wasted like it is.

      the security guy definitely exists, unfortunately we all got caught after a short time because my friends dont know how to keep their mouths shut, but nothing came of it. i asked the guy what had happened to the park and he just said ‘no information’ very bluntly i got the impresssion it was not a good idea to ask again. we got escorted out the front entrance and the guy called the boss, i dont speak much german but my friend translated for us that he was the owner and was obviously pretty angry at us, although he didnt take it any further. we had no paint on us so he let us go without contacting the police, although he did say he usually gives people a 50 euro fine or calls the authorities.

      my tip to anyone is keep quiet, keep inconspicuous. try not to make too much noise, and be quick if you want to see it all. enter through the far side and dont bring paint just incase you do get caught. also if you plan on taking a digital camera, take an empty memory card to swap if you get caught, they dont take having pictures very kindly.

      hope this helps any future explorers

    21. Anonymous

      I discovered this park from the movie Hanna. I’ve been to Berlin before (here on day two of a 5 week visit RIGHT NOW!), but every time I come, I want to find new/old things like this. Last year I discovered Tuefelsberg and holy christ was that awesome.

      After looking for the park online, I came across this site: kulturpark.org/
      It appears there are some things happening there currently, and most likely people there all the time now. I still want to see it though, AND explore all the stuff on this FANTASTIC website here. (Thank you very much by the way).
      I only know a few people here in Berlin, but they’re not the adventurous type…at all. Last year I had a friend, but he ended up just trying to get in my pants. I need an adventure buddy. Do you know how I can find one?
      AND did you know about this kulturpark thing?

      thanks 🙂

    22. jfb.

      went there just the other day it was awesome but a guard rode up on a bike about 45 mins into our exploration. dont think he spoke any english but just led us to the gate asked us to delete pictures but when we took to long pretending to delete stuff he just let us go.

      i really wana check out your other spots but just like KKM i am new to berlin and the small amount of people i know are not into it. would happily meet up with some others who wanted to check out a couple of these places.

    23. Anonymous

      I visited the park yesterday through a gap in the fence along the river. I came in expecting it to be totally abandoned, but there was a fair bit of activity. There’s an active carnival in the center (with working rides), someone was running the train, and there were people getting ready for a play near the Ferris wheel. They told us to leave before the security guard came, so we left. Some others from my hostel got caught by him earlier in the day, and were told to either pay up or delete their pictures.

      This was by far the most interesting thing I did in Berlin, even though I only saw about 2/5 of the park!

    24. Anonymous

      Hello, i visited the park last week, i saw no guard, but i only spended 10 minutes in the park. Think i will sign up for a guided tour very soon, only 15 Euros and you will feel relaxed.

    25. Spudnik

      With all due respect, if you want to relax, go to one of Berlin’s many fine museums or a coffee shop.
      But you were in Spreepark already and didn’t see a guard, so what’s the problem?!
      The excitement of being caught just adds to the fun – or so I thought anyway – maybe I’m weird.
      But seriously, ONLY €15 for a tour?! And what’s the fucking point? If you’re paying into an amusement park, I think the least you should expect is an amusement park with rides and attractions still running. All you’d be paying for here is the privilege of looking at a pile of old abandoned shit that they weren’t bothered charging for until too many people started hopping the fence and they saw an opportunity to make money from them.
      Of course, you can pay your money if you want – if you want to relax – but it will be a completely different experience. In fact, I’d say you’ll be missing the ultimate Spreepark experience and the whole point of going in.
      It is possible to go there without getting caught. You could go very early in the morning for example, when no security are there, or you could just run – as I did – when a security guy suddenly shouts at you. I ruined my jeans in the fence, but THAT’S a Spreepark experience and a far better story to recount later on than you’ll get on any tour. (In my humble opinion.)
      For a review of one of the tours (and some fantastic photos) see the following link: fieldoffice.org/berlin-guide-spreepark-tour/
      If you do do a tour, please come back and let us know how it was.
      Alles Gute,

    26. Anonymous

      Hello !
      I went there on sunday my my boyfriend, we climbed the fence and we sawa lot of people with badges doing a guided tour. We stayed there more than an hour, chilling and taking pictures and didn’t hearabout any security guards. It was sunny and crazy beautiful. if you wanna see my pictures loudangla.fr !
      Go there without paying the 15€ that’s shit !

    27. Simone

      Hello everyone,

      Me and my friend went there on Friday. Threw a opening in the fence we got in.
      About an hour and a half we walked around freely.
      We did not get could caught, but it’s wise to avoid the main entrance.
      It was amazing.


    28. Anonymous

      Seems like no one really knows the tragic history of Spreepark, so I’ll just quickly sum it up.
      The owner Norbert Witte closed Spreepark back in 2001 (rumor has it that he had built up a debt around 11 million Euros). Witte moved with his family to Peru where he wanted to open a new amusement park – therefor he took some of his attractions with him. Witte made the authorities believe it was for repairs.
      The new amusement park, Lunapark in Lima, Peru, failed and in 2004 Witte decided close it. When shipping an old attraction – “the flying carpet” – back to Germany, Witte, and his son Marcel, were caught smuggling 180 kg of cocaine in one of the masts of the attraction. Marcel, Witte’s son, was in 2006 sentenced with 20 years in one of the toughest Peruvian prisons, while Witte was sentenced with 7 years in a German prison. Witte got divorced from his wife and he now lives in what is left of Spreepark in his mobile-home while his wife and daughter lives in Lima. Since 2011 there has been guided tours around the park.
      So those of you who have noticed mobile-homes and caravans has probably seen the residence of Norbert Witte.

      Sorry for the long, random post, but it has been exciting reading your (Irish Berliner’s) adventure and the comments. I would love to see the place for myself one day. I hope you don’t mind my long post (especially if you already knew all this).. But nice blog! It’s really interesting 😀

    29. Anonymous

      Hey. Forget my previous post, I’ve just found out you made a post about it three years ago. Sorry.. But your blog is still awesome 😀

    30. Cicero

      Thanks for the great post. I’m writing an article on the fascination of abandoned places, especially amusement parks, and Spreepark is on my list. Asia seems to have a lot of abandoned amusement parks. I actually drove past Spreepark when I was in Berlin last, didn’t even realize it at the time.

    31. Morgenstern

      I’m visiting Berlin in May and hoping to fit in a visit here. Not on a guided tour though. Where’s the fun in that? 😉

    32. Anonymous

      I was in Berlin last weekend a friend had heard about this place and 5 of us sneaked in under the fence, had a great wander around, took photos and turned the big wheel ourselves.
      Great to read the history here and other peoples experiences for us it was more fun sneaking in than a tour, a security person saw us and we went to leave the way we came in under fence but he escorted us out, not angry or friendly just told us to leave, reading these notes we were lucky he didn’t ask about a camera
      We went at sunset which added to the creepy feeling

    33. Anonymous

      Hi Eleanor!
      Thanks for sharing this experience. We would also like go there within a project that we carry out with a couple of friends. Could you get in touch with us?
      If so, could you please contact us on rab.misa[at]gmail.com?
      Thanks and hope to hear from you soon!

    34. Anonymous

      If anyone wants a decent person to explore places like this with in Berlin with, email me! It would be cool to wait until a few people have got in touch, then arrange something as a small group, non? I live in Berlin (Lichtenberg), I’m 28 and I also don’t have anyone to explore these places with. Email me at sixthofjuly at gmail dot com!


    35. Rumpole

      Hey Anonymous person above.
      If only you had posted a few days ago. We’ve just spent the last 3 days in Berlin.
      Today we visited Spree Park. Entered under the fence on the river side of the park. We had a bout 20 minutes inside before the Security Guard and his dog found us. He was actually pretty nice, we were told we had a few minutes to make our way out. Didn’t have to delete photos, or anything like that.
      FYI the guard dog was on to us very quickly. within minutes of being inside I think it knew, it started barking and continued until it found us. He’s on a leash with the security guard at all times though, which is probably a good thing.

    36. Tim Frawley

      hey guys glad i stumbled across this thread, i am heading to berlin in October/November for a long weekend and am super keen to get into Spreepark and get some snaps..I understand the park is open on weekends/Sundays and you can do tours etc, otherwise its let yourself in via holes in the fences and dodge the security guard…Has anyone tried going through one of these holes in the fences during weekends when the park is open for these tours? this would mean no security guards and more noise etc to hide your movements? From what i can gather from looking online the tour only visits certain parts of the park, so you could avoid these areas and see the more abandoned parts and not worry about getting caught? I could be wrong but worth a shot? anyone have any idea if this could work/not work?

    37. Wil

      I went in today but I was caught by the guard after about 10 mins!!!!! Most annoying! He was on a bike didn’t have a dog with him though…. The worst part is I saw him before he saw me but sadly my attempts to hide in a bush were in vain! He didn’t try and make me delete photos (I didn’t have my camera in my hand at the time thoigh) just told me in english “Two minutes! Over the fence!”. Still was great the few bits I saw. I shall attempt to return next I am in berlin!!

    38. Will

      I am in fact english so my bad for all the mistakes and the poor grammar in that post btw!

    39. Anonymous

      Today we plan to go there and i can`t wait!!!
      anyone wants to join?

      we let you know tonight how it was and if we got caught 🙂
      Jessy and Franz

    40. Anonymous

      WE MADE IT!!!!!
      it was amazing!
      definitly not the last time and not the last place to discover!
      it`s sooo cool when it`s gettin dark everywhere…spooky!
      but a lot securitys… the did not catch us but it was little difficult.

      wow wow wow

    41. Anonymous

      I’m looking for people who brave especially spree park & Teufelsberg. I’m English, 28 and quick on my feet. Already checked the fence and the guards at Teufelsberg

      minimalbeats at live.co.uk


    42. Anonymous

      just been to spree Park. So easy to get in. The fence isn’t particularly high. Was in there for an hour and a half but it was getting dark. THE WHEEL WAS MOVING! Then it was switched off. That just added to the spookiness of the place. Think I may have missed a bit as i have to leave when the dog started to bark and i heard the guy whistling it, but it was great. I must return to see the bit I missed and would love to go during proper daylight.


    43. noyce

      on berliner-spreepark.de it states that they’re offering guided tours for 15 € (hold by Sabrina Witte, Norbert’s daughter) and even playing a theatre piece at the moment. I’m very confused now.

    44. Spudnik

      No need for confusion. Because of all the visitors hopping the fence, they’ve decided to take advantage. They’ve been doing tours for quite a while now. It’s your choice whether you want to do them or not.

    45. Anonymous

      just went in today, sry i didn’t listen to ur advice and went in alone. i saw some people with the caravan, saw cyclist, and dogs were barking, but surprisingly i didnt get caught and stroll for at least an hour. i guess some past commando training helps the ‘stealth mode’.

      i believe they were testing the flyer, else it would’ve been too spooky for it to turn.

    46. the freestyle photographer

      Thanks for the guide! Just went in today, sry i didn’t listen to ur advice and went in alone. i saw some people with the caravan, saw cyclist, and dogs were barking, but surprisingly i didnt get caught and stroll for at least an hour. i guess some past training helps the ‘stealth mode’.

      i believe they were testing the flyer, else it would’ve been too spooky for it to turn. I shot a series of photographs, please take a look here!

    47. biplingen

      went in there last night. Now im glad i didnt read this page before after the visit. loved the spookiness, but didnt see any guards or dogs.. heard a lot of noises though. not sure i would have gone in there if i knew there where guards and dogs in there ;O)

    48. Gijs

      I am going to berlin to view some sites. I think I only knew about spreepark if it wasn’t for your amazing blog! So now i might visit some other places too. Like Beelitz and glasowsee not entirely sure if i spellt that correct. I am not an german though! It would be my first urban exploration. Looking forward to it!

    49. Unknown

      Hi guys me and my girlfriend went on friday the 26th and it was amazing. we scrambled under a fence near the front entrance to get in which was a little bit sketchy as the black mercedes and what I belive to be the security guys caravan was parked their. On the way in we also noticed two women who obvuously worked there looking after the dogs. We walked around for about 45 mins and didnt get caught although we met another couple who did get caught by a security man who they said was on his own without a dog but was pleasant enough. We got some great pictures too. As a few people have mentioned we went on at midday on friday and it was pretty busy we saw a few people walking about inside and also around the outside. Just to let everyone know there is a path running all the way around the park so you can see alot from the outside and judge the best way of going in as we didnt do that we were a little keen to get in. It was really cool and interesting though I would recommend it to everyone. Bring a torch though because i didnt dare go too deep into the roller coaster tunnel or some of the darker abandoned buildings without one.


    50. FR

      Me and my friend went on Saturday 27th during a trip to Berlin after hearing stories from some girls we met while travelling. We walked around the outside and found a hole in the fence, big enough to climb through. We kept quiet and hidden and must have been in there for at least an hour. There were a few groups of other people walking around too which made me feel a little more relaxed. Got some great pictures and despite it been midday & sunny it was still so eerie and creepy. A group of guys were been really loud and it was inevitable they would get caught which they did and we also got caught shortly after. If we would have left a minute earlier like we were going to we wouldn’t have got caught at all!! The security guard didn’t have a dog like rumours suggest, he was on a bike. He didn’t say anything to us except point at the main entrance and watch us leave over the fence.. So worth it!!! I have some great photos and the atmosphere was incredible!

    51. Anonymous

      a while ago i watched a mini documentary on vimeo about two boys that live in berlin, and they filmed some of it in here. ever since then ive wanted to go, and am thinking about heading to berlin in the next week. i really dont want to go alone because im nervous ill piss myself so if anyone is planning on going with in the next week or two, and wouldnt mind me taggin along, that would be awesome!!!! Ich kann auch Deutsch sprechen also ist das kein Problem. Ich würde mich wahnsinnig freuen!
      thanks, danke

    52. Anonymous

      Going to Berlin for the first time on Wednesday. Looking forward to having a sneak around and getting some good photos. I’ve read all the comments and it seems that nearly everyone gets caught but no cops called or fines dished out, which is cool.

    53. Hollywood Tease

      Hey, I’m in Berlin for a couple of weeks. I’d like to sneak around too!

    54. Anonymous

      why have you just got to be rude to people all the time? they’ve taken the time out to read your blog and they are entitled to their opinion and do whatever they please! stop being such a grump and ignore the comment if you don’t like what they’ve said. i really enjoyed your blog, but after reading your derogatory comment to people who have taken the time to read your blog and comment on it, in a completely non-offensive way, i think a lot less of you and will not be reading it in the future. live and let live kid.

    55. Anonymous

      We just got in here tonight. Worked out perfectly. Probably around 10 pm, just jumped the fence and got around the entire park, making way too much noise, and no-one showed up. The dog barked a little, but I think the guard was either gone, or didn’t want to wake up. We made it right to the Ferris wheel, and even managed to push it into spinning a little big. Horrendous noise, but no one came out. So we climbed the maintenance ladders up to the middle of it! Awesome view of the surrounding area, and the whole park in the full moonlight. Doesn’t get any better then that. This place is a playground at night.

    56. Anonymous

      I was there today (thursday) with a new berliner friend. Funny, that I told him to go there – I just moved here 3 weeks ago, but read this and decided to go there.
      We saw the guards, one in a silver BMW and one in a black Mercedes outside and 2 inside, one with a bike. No dog.
      We find a great spot to get in, in the water side, close to the ferris wheel. We spent just 10-15 min inside because we are pussys…. :S Maybe I go back one time. Good idea to get in when it’s an open day but sneek in at the “backdoor” – and if someone catch me I tell that I just lost the group 😀

      Sorry for the bad english and thanks for the tips!


    57. Anonymous

      Just visited Spreepark. To the discussion about going with a tour vs. sneaking in, I have to say, to each of his own. I went with the tour, and my personal opinion is that this place isn’t really abandoned anymore. The park itself is closed down, but the cafe is open, there’s people everywhere, a group of dog trainers walks around, the train is operating etc etc. Even if I had snuck in, I have a feeling it would have been a bit like Ballhaus Grünau and the Kinderkrankenhaus -happy UE’ers everywhere, walking around, smiling and greeting each other. Weird, eh? Of course I love to meet other soul mates, but I’m not used to bumping into anyone UEing in Norway. So, the tour was led by the daughter of Witte, the previous owner, who smuggled cokain in the flying carpet lol. Very…erm…interesting indeed. She was very charismatic and lots of fun though, she shared stories from her basically growing up there, working for the pocket money as a teenager. At first the group stayed together, but then some people started wandering off, and I did too. The guide talked for ages at stop nr.3, and didn’t seem to mind us leaving. I could walk around the park freely for 1,5 hours. I saw everything, even the Ferris wheel up close. Once the guard on bike came, he told me to return to the group, I said I would, and then he rode on. The park itself was a fascinating relic of the past; overgrown swan boats, headless dinosaurs, roller coaster in the bushes and broken arcade games laying shattered in the gaming hall. Totally worth the experience, danger thrill and some magic of course missing, but for me, who also UE to experience the history behind buildings and places, I got it. Advice: get away from the group as soon as possible, just smoothly sort of fade away. Trying to photograph abandoned places with everybody else strolling around is SO frustratingly absurd;)

    58. Spudnik

      Hey Tove!
      Thanks for all the informative comments! I hear you – abandoned places aren’t really abandoned if they’re swarmed with people taking photos. I remember Teufelsberg was like that before some bright sparks decided to start making money out of it.
      I was in Spreepark last Friday, have an upcoming post on it once I get the time to sort out the photos. I can imagine it would have been more pleasant to take them at leisure on a tour, but then you’d have people getting in the way and the overall experience suffers, I feel.
      But your advice and getting away from everyone is sound, makes sense.
      I’ve been to Oslo but didn’t explore any abandoned stuff. Spent the whole time in shock at the price of the beer.
      Macht’s jut!

    59. Anonymous

      Hi Irish Berliner. ‘Just found your blog. So cool. I remember hearing about this place years ago. Seems it’s time to go back. Well done mate!

    60. Anonymous

      Hello! I will go to Berlin in December. Do you think the guards is there late in the Dec? Are they watching this place every day? :S Nice site, pictures and information!

      Best regards

    61. Anonymous

      oh it sounds amazing. i wanna go there. not scared of guards but the dogs freak me out a bit…. where they running about or were there on leads…??

    62. Tim Frawley

      Can not remember if i posted already or not about my experiences at Spreepark the other week, i don’t think i did so thought worth letting people know.
      I decided to go for the early bird gets the worm approach and head to Spreepark bright and early (730am) one morning, and hope that the guards hadn’t started work yet.
      We went around the back and there was a spot in the fence probably about in the middle, that had a convenient hole to put your foot in and help you over the fence. And with in no time we were at the big cat roller coaster.
      We walked around the park alone for close to two hours, trying to minimalist noise just incase security were out but we still climbed around the roller coasters and rides and got right up under the ferris wheel.
      After nearly two hours, we left, with no sign the whole time of security. It was perfect, no one around, perfect early morning light and plenty of photos!
      So as hard as they are, early morning start is my advice, i may of just been lucky, but either way it was still cool and still has some charm to it.

    63. Spudnik

      They were running about, but I don’t think they’re allowed run about unless the guards are there. One guard was calling the dog who ran off back to him. The dogs seemed more playful than fearsome.
      There was no dog at all when I had the latest run-in with the guard, so I guess they’re not there all the time. Perhaps they’re simply some of the guards’ pets and they take them to work when they’re on.
      I guess if there’s no guard, there’s no dog. If there’s a dog, the guard ain’t far behind. Maybe it would be a good idea to bring a bag of bones, just in case…

    64. Anonymous


      analogue photoshoot taken @ the spreepark last november

    65. Anonymous

      What happens if the guards catch you? Call the cops or Just escort you out?

      I would like to go at night (this is my 1st exploration) but I guess it’s “suicidal” to walk around with torches at night (right?) easy catch…

    66. Unknown

      Great blog and pics Irish Berliner. Thanks! Been interested since I saw ‘Hanna’. I love theme parks anyway, something so sad about a derelict one 🙁
      Have you seen this pop vid? youtube.com/watch?v=rj6lo4DvZWU

    67. Jiska

      Hi there,
      I just red your blog and it was quite recognizeable!
      The last two days I went with 3 other people from Holland to Berlin to make a videoclip. Actually we did not know that there were fences and security guards.
      So when we arrived at the park, we saw the fences and decided to climb over it. But unfortunately we heard directly a yell from a securaty guard with quite an agressive appearce.
      I tried to explain in German that we came with good intentions all the way from Holland, to make a videoclip. And asked if we could film there.
      He became a little bith friendly when he noticed I tried speaking in German without knowing that language really good, but he also told we could film there only for 65 euro an hour!
      And our plan was to film 2 days long. But we didn’t have the money for that. Travelling all the way to Belrin, together with the coasts from youth hostel and camera rent, made that we were only able to film for 2 hours, 130 euro.
      That is quote a lot of money, and also quite a pity that we could not film everything we needed for the clip.
      But I guess finally we will make something out of the things we have filmed.

      I only just find it stupid that it coasts SO MUCH to just film there for a little while. I mean, we don’t harm anything or everyone and they just get rich from asking so much money from poor artists like us!
      There were more photographers and filmers in the park when we were there, who also paid the money.
      I am wondering where this money goes to and why it has to be so incredible expensive to just film there!

      The park was really nice though :).

    68. Spudnik

      Nothing major will happen. They’ll threaten you, act aggressively, pretend to call the cops, maybe even call them, but you won’t be beaten up or harmed, certainly no more than protestors in Kiev today for example.
      This is what happened the last time I went back, recently: abandonedberlin.com/2013/10/spreepark-scrape-reacquaintance-with.html

    69. Spudnik

      Sorry to hear you weren’t able to film as you wanted. €65 an hour is just ridiculous. They’re clearly trying to milk as much money from people as they can. Plus ça change. That was one of the reasons they whole thing went belly-up. That, and parking places.
      Anyway, I hope you managed to get enough filming done for your purposes!

    70. Jiska

      Yeah, I hope so too! Thanks for your empathic reaction!

    71. Unknown

      i cant believe it i used to love that park when i went back to berlin to visit my father i was thinking about taking my wife and newborn to it… and now look at the state of it … i love what youve done and i bet that is some adrenaline rushing through you beein in there when everything is shut down and getting old haha….. good work and loving the pictures brings up some good memories and suprise how many english people still reside in berlin

    72. Daniel Cassus

      I went there in June this year. Part of the park was open for anyone (including the Spinning Tea Cups), some kiosks were also selling ice cream and beers and some people and kids were just playing around. The main gate WAS open.
      of course, there was a yellow “do not pass” ribbon beyond a certain point (to which I also just passed under and got mixed with a group and took some pics and even got into one of the Ferris Wheel carts, it screeched in a bizarre manner!!) Then, some staff member told me I could only get in with a ticket. I played the stupid tourist, said there was no ribbon at a certain place and thought that was an open area and went back (with my pics),
      but I NEED to go back there, even if it’s only to the all access area.

    73. Unknown

      Hi, my husband and I snuck in today. We were inside for about an hour and didn’t see anyone or hear anything. The site is amazing and we would definitely recommend a visit.

    74. Anonymous

      Jumped the fence yesterday at about 4pm with my girlfriend. Within ten minutes we ran into a security guard with a dog. Bad luck I guess. The dog was pretty vicious. The security guard asked us to leave and as we walked towards the fence he let the leash go just a little bit as to let the dog snap its barking jaws at us. It was kind of scary.

    75. Moon-Age

      I went yesterday and was chased out by a very angry german man who didn’t speak any english- he was pointing for me to jump over the fence at a point where it was very high up- I tried to say i couldnt get out that way and went to look for the hole where I came in.. He went away for a couple of minutes and then came out with his huge scary dog and I bolted over the fence like lightening! Was terrifying!

    76. Unknown


      analog pics taken @ spreepark, november 2012
      (hope you will like this series too)


      Went there yesturday, 27.12, friday. Around 1PM.

      Wheel was on, a guy in a bright orange vest was working on it. Security guards are ALWAYS there. At least 3.
      We found a guy who ASKED to go in, the security guard (a 50 year old man) told him it was 30€ because he had a GoPro (so, “video 30€”, photos 15€ – lol)

      We jumped anyways. Best place to do so is directly from the river path.

      BEWARE of typical retarded-serious germans walking/jogging/cycling. We had 1 idiot stopping with his bike and trying to give us a lesson in life. The best way to make them go away is by saying “I am not Adolf Hitler. My dad is blind. I don’t have a job, I don’t know how to pay my rent. I know I will die of cancer. Let me enjoy life. Donner kebab with no salad, just meat”.

      We hopped in. The guy we found was caught after 5 minutes. We managed to stay 1h and take enough pictures/videos.

      AVOID the “main path” inside the Spreepark. The 50 year old security guards does patrol-rounds with his bike. GO COMMANDO. GO SPEC OPS.

      You’ll see inside some other idiots with orange vests, who payed the 15€-30€ ticket entrance. With their DSLR’s and fancy 300mm. AVOID THEM. They are humans like you, BUT ENEMIES. They will rat you to their tour guide. “There goes a poor person without an orange vest rental worth 30€”.

      The guy who was caught wasn’t even escorted out by the guard. He just told him “to leave the place” (on his own way) and that “Normally he would have called the police / charge him with a 100€ fine” (sure, sure…)

      Also, don’t be scared of barking dogs. There is a dog training center near-by, and plenty of dogs walking on the river path. Avoid colours, hell yeah, it’s a good place to wear german-bundeswehr camo patrons.

      Extra tip: Do bring an empty Memory Card in case you get caught. Change it quickly if you are asked to delete the pictures. Just tell me you still didn’t do any pic, since you only came to “photograph the Wheel” (or whatever it’s far away from where you got caught)

      My 2 cents.

    78. Spudnik

      Thank you, for quite possibly the best comment left on this here site. Absolutely brilliant advice, and I concur completely. Your 2 cents are mine too.

    79. Anonymous

      Is the unfinished Ghost Train ride still there? It still shows up on Google Earth but I rarely see new pictures or anyone mention it. Why didn’t they ever finish it?

    80. Unknown

      Oh so I guess, if we’re careful enough, we can get in and not get caught? We’re planning on going tomorrow or saturday…

    81. Unknown

      Super das Du Anleitungen zum Einbruch und Hausfriedensbruch gibst
      außerdem zieht das noch mehr Randalierer und Sprayer an..
      Klasse bald ist alles Alte und Schöne kaputt dank Deiner Hilfe Applaus Applaus

    82. Spudnik

      Vielen Dank! Freue mich riesig dass es dir gefallt! Und das Applaus! Zweimal sogar!!!
      Auf jeden Fall nehme ich das als Ermutigung weiter so zu machen. Danke noch mal! 🙂

    83. Spudnik

      I’ve copied and pasted the following from the Kulturpark.org website:
      In 1997, there were plans to build an expensive 10 million DM Haunting Ride. The construction of the rails was started in 1993, but the facade was never started due to financial reasons. The ride was most likely meant to be enclosed. The track is a continuous system: it is a gondola after another, like a Patanosta. Some pods were cut off by thieves, because the connector between the nacelles and the rail is valuable. Following the technical inspection in 1993, the railway was never put into operation. The ride was called “Spooky” by Musement in 2010.”

      Kulturpark.org actually gives quite a useful breakdown of all the various rides and attractions onsite.

    84. virtual junk foundation

      This is not a place for boring Germans to give silly advices! Ich rate dir zu einem Besuch des Tropical Islands, da ist die Welt noch in Ordnung 😉 Thanks Irish adventurer for this great site and thanks to all who posted here. The smell of my four country dogs might help me to befriend the guard’s ones 😉 We’ll be there!

    85. Spudnik

      Thanks Julia! Yes, four country dogs would help you befriend anyone. I mean, who’s going to argue with them?
      Best of luck! Let us know how you get on 🙂

    86. It's worth it!

      Me and my friend went there on 3rd january. What I have to begin with- it’s totally worth it! The day before we printed out park map and checked where to enter on google earth. With my DSLr camera I had second SD card with me and we took some useless photos we can later delete if security ask.

      We went there on about 12 pm. First we were just walking around the territory and checking where to get in. As we were walking though the fence in front of main entery, we saw a police car passing (it was a van actually, there were 4 policemans who looked at us weirdly). Many people were running and just walking with dogs there. Everybody showed interest, but I guess nobody was thinking about getting in the territory since there are that many warning signs. That ‘attention, dogs’ scared us a bit though

      Whatever, that didn’t stop us. We were walking around the fence about 20 mins, but unfortunately couldn’t find a good place to get in. Fence is pretty high and as we are not that tall girls we couldn’t jump over it that easy.
      Finally we found a place where is one piece of fence missing (left from the main entery walking towards the port). If you’re tiny enough getting in from there is not a big problem 😀

      Okay, so we got in. We had the park’s map with, but the problem was, that we didn’t know where the guard’s trailer is. And yes, it is in the very middle of park, where swans are.
      So my plan was to find that big dragon’s head. We started to walk towards it and everything was calm. People were paying attention but no security guards. We tried to stay very very quiet and to sneak though the bushes. Of course the amount of adrenaline you get is huge haha

      In totalt we spend about 40-50 mins in the park’s territory. We didn’t go until the ferris wheel but we heard it and it was soooo spooky. I can definitely say that I had an amazing time there, I love the spreepark and I’m planning to return there!

      Best luck to you all! And Thank you for the posts of current situation, it is very useful

    87. Anonymous

      Slipped through a gap in the fence on 10th Jan 2014. If you look hard around the perimeter, fence, you’ll likely find an easy way in. There were signs of security until we got to the log flume ride, where two guys seemed to be tending to the hedgerows. On seeing them we dived behind a tree and hid.

      I had my eye on the mountain of the log flume (I really wanted to climb it) So, by backtracking to a part of the old railway and then walking through a tunnel, we skirted the security guys. This brought us out right next to the log flume mountain. If you take the entrance in the side of the ‘mountain’ you can climb up a ladder and a staircase right to the top of the log flume. It’s pretty scary up there although it looks like someone has recently replaced the staircase runners which makes falling to your death slightly less likely.

      Overall the visit was amazing! We went with the intention of paying for a tour, but nobody seemed to be offering one. But, in the end, sneaking around and dodging security turned out to be part of the fun! Spreepark is a creepy wonderland! Good luck, explorers!

    88. Anonymous

      Hanna is now on TV in the US and your are so correct, it is a good movie made better with the SpreePark settings.
      Thanks, Geo

    89. Anonymous

      Just came back from exploring the park (January 24, 2014, from 3.30-5.30pm). It didn’t give me as much of an adrenaline rush as I would have liked as the place felt like there were no guards. Plus I wanted to explore more but my friend was plebbing out, claiming everything was ‘so creepy’ (especially when we went through the tunnel).

      We basically came in from the fence facing the river, and it didn’t really had an abandoned feeling towards the end as we could easily see passersby/joggers around us and a car. But there was indeed a sense of adventure, especially when I tried to jump over a gap. My footing slipped because of the snow and almost impaled myself on the metal roller coaster tracks. That and when we were nearing the Ferris wheel (approaching from the hilly side), hearing the eerie generator sound, and then seeing two people on the yellow buildings below. We ran back down the hill in panic hehe.

      The highlight was the Ferris wheel, for sure, especially since we realized that’s the area where the owners/guards enter from the gate at the back of the yellow buildings. Their HQ is probably there as well since when we passed by from the outside after to check, there were so many dogs there and two guards and a white car parked.

      All in all, good fun!

    90. Spudnik

      Sorry Mr/Ms. Nerves-Of-Steel, that it wasn’t exciting enough for you. Maybe next time shout loudly and set off a few flares to attract the guards’ attention – maybe bring a large bag of cats for the dogs too – and why not tie a blindfold around your eyes to make it that little bit more difficult to escape? Guaranteed excitement! 😉

    91. Hej

      So it’s still guards there…

      If i get busted? What happens?

    92. Spudnik

      They’ll throw you in a cage with the clowns who’ve been tormented and starved for weeks. The clowns will be ravenous and will invariably go for your brains – they’ve developed zombie tendencies by now – so whatever you do, don’t get busted!

    93. Anonymous

      I was there this weekend with wife and 2 kids. Didn’t expect they were going to charge 15 Euros per person. The only people I saw on the tour were adults who didn’t have kids and the ones with kids left. Very ironic.

    94. José

      Thanks for this blog, it really helped out with finding the place and getting in. We went on Tuesday (11th Feb) and opted to go early in hope the security wouldnt be around. We managed to crawl out of bed and make it to spreepark for around 8am. It’s true it’s easy as hell to get into, the fence was smaller than me in places so anyone with enough upper body strength can just hop over. If you’re a less competent climber (like my girlfriend) you can walk along the river and the fence in some places will be wire instead of hard metal, we found one that just pulled up completely out of the ground to make a gap underneath to fit a whole family. Just pull a few until you find it, we covered it again so hopefully security wont spot it. Inside we explored around the log flume, rollercoaster and surrounding areas. Stick to the bushes or follow the train track around the park, the paths are pretty open. Whilst my girlfriend was nursing the upside down T-Rex I thought I spotted someone on the main path behind a building. I didn’t have my glasses on so couldn’t quite work out if it was a human or a bush or one of thos freaky clowns. But my girlfriend came over and comfirmed it was security. I must have been standing in the open squinting at him for atleast a minute so either it was too early and he was lazy, he didn’t see me or he just didn’t give a fuck. But anyway we decided to leave to avoid him telling us to delete our photos, and it was almost 10 by then. We spotted 3 caravans on site, so I’m assuming it is 24 hour security and they rotate guards over the week. It’s just luck if the guard is patrolling or chilling in his caravan. Just try to make little noise. Oh and the ferris wheel was spinning – I guess from the wind – and the noise it makes is freaky. There will be a lot of freaky noises, don’t be spooked. Plus walk through the tunnel! Dark as night in there but awesome. Enjoy!

    95. Unknown

      Stumbled across this, looks like it’s for sale. Great blog, by the way.


    96. Unknown

      Really interesting blog and brilliantly written fella!

    97. Nina Martina

      Been there this year on the only week we had snow. At the night!! There were some cars parked inside and a few trailers with the lights on, but otherwise it didn’t seem like there are any guards. It was spooky but awesome! Had to go back during the daylight, to get some pictures! If anyone wants to go and needs a company, let me know! 🙂

    98. Anonymous

      We have been there today and were busted by the guards after 10 minutes. Don’t go there on Sunday! The area around the main entrance is open to the public on Sunday and the guided tours are on Suday at 1 p.m. So that’s the busiest time of the week. Hope this helps!

    99. Anonymous

      Well i been there last two or three weeks, but we are two girls and we heard one or two dog barking from inside. Thats make us so scared haha so we decided to walk around 😛 although i dont see any guard but in case if we climb into the park and can not go out, maybe it might be the problem later. :{ and also i saw sth VErboten! and just knew today it have a tour!? oh cool.

    100. Unknown

      I went to Spreepark this morning (March 12th). My friend and I figured it would be best to leave early in the morning so we arrived there about 7 AM. We walked around the park freely and I think we saw most of it. I saw the security trailers but there was no sign of the guards or dogs. No zombie-clowns either. All in all it was fun and we got some cool pictures.

    101. Anonymous

      No need to bring extra sd cards. Your pictures does not go away when you delete the card (just dont take any new pictures after you have done it). A simple free program will bring back all the pictures with no problems.
      So when the guard ask you to delete the pics (and he will often do that), then just do it

    102. Anonymous

      I am preparing to go there, but since I work full time I can only go on Saturdays and Sundays. I know there are guided tours around 1pm so I will avoid those hours. People have told me to enter form the street side instead of the river side, what do you think? and, once in, where to go? I know I may have to avoid the ferry wheel area.

      Any advice is welcome!

      Thank you, Rosa

    103. Anonymous

      Me and 3 other friends are planning to go, seems like a spot for great shots! Would be nice to tagg along with someone with some experience of the place 🙂 Since we’re brand new in this. Maybe we can contact when the 4 of us want to go, and we can meet somewhere.

    104. Hannes

      It’s great that you’re keeping this information up to date. I just went on a guided tour yesterday – Sabrina Witte definitely tells a different “real story” than you hear in the press!

      If you’re interested in a quick summary of Sabrina’s side of the story, have a look under the first photo on this page: germany-travel.org/spreepark-berlin/

    105. Spudnik

      Thanks for the link. There was just one mistake I spotted straight away – “You can’t get into the park otherwise.”
      Not true! 😉

    106. Unknown

      I went yesterday, everything still there. They where shooting a movie so a lot of guards but no dogs. Just guards driving around in cars so if you stay of the main path you can walk around for a long time.

    107. Mobo

      in addition to my earlier post, We arrived there at around 17:30 and stayed till around 19:45. this was on Saturday the 17th May. as mentioned no guards at that time. Good luck everyone and stay safe.

    108. Unknown

      Went yesterday, the 26 may at around 430pm. Stayed for two hours. Had a great time. No security in sight. Our first 20 minutes we were sleuthing around being sneak and all, then we realized there were 30+ people exploring as well (we started in the forest near the water). So after that it was just a lot of roaming. Going around on the ferris wheel was definitely a highlight.

    109. Marcel

      Met this weekend a guy who went last saturday (may 31th) to Spreepark and got caught by the security. So there IS sometimes still security, so watch your back and be careful!

    110. Anonymous

      Went there last friday, got caught by a security guy and his dog, he ran after us while he was yelling some german things to us. Luckily I had my 55-300 lens with me, I took a photo of him. It’s the guy on the left, you can also see his dog. Plenty more people got caught that day!

      Image: i59.tinypic.com/vo0vub.jpg

    111. Andreas

      Went there on friday May 30th. Didn’t see any security, only 2 other explorer crews, but there was a car parked within the premises close to the main entrance.
      Luke, did you actually go around the ferris wheel for a full rotation? We talked about it but we found it a bit too risky.

    112. Anonymous

      What happens if you do get caught? is it just get chucked out or do they do you tresspassing?

    113. Spudnik

      They feed you to the dinosaurs! Don’t get caught!!!

    114. Falco

      We went there again today (sunday) at 5am. No problems at all: no security, no dogs, no other people. Easy! We just noticed that somebody is actually taking care of the fence, in fact the whole we used a couple of weeks ago was closed!
      Btw I suggest u all to go there and amuse the amusement park 🙂

    115. fab

      Went there yesterday for the first time in a couple of years. Two guards were very much in evidence, chasing people off the grounds and shouting things (“Sie haben wohl die falsche Brille aufgesetzt, wa?”, presumably a reference to the visitors’ disregard for the ‘Betreten verboten signs’). This was rather comic, however, since there were a lot of people roaming around, more than the guards could handle in fact, and there was no discernible system as to how/why they pursued some individuals and others not.

      However things took a more serious turn later in the piece – someone was at the top of the ferris wheel, and I can only assume that the guards decided that this was enough – TWO POLICE CARS turned up and started patrolling the roadways, which made it just a bit too exciting for us.

      Having read previous posts, it therefore seems that the security situation is pretty hard to predict, but I do think you need to reckon with someone being there.

    116. Anonymous

      Went there today in a group of 5 at about 2pm. Was very easy getting in, lots of holes in the fence on the right side off the main entrance. We walked around for like 2 hours and took some great pictures. There were at least 3 other couples walking around. There was only one woman sitting close to a toilet waggon next to the main entrance who could have been a security guard, but she didn’t walk around. So it was very easy and we could also use the main roads most of the time.

    117. Anonymous

      Tried to go there with a friend yesterday afternoon, but saw a couple of burly security walking around on the main paths. Decided to try again early this morning – got there around 5am and it was perfect. Noone there, could spend a while wandering around and having a look. Very cool! On the side nearest the Spree there is a part of the fence with a comfortable human-sized hole at the bottom (right underneath a ‘Verboten’ sign), and there is also a wooded piece of fence near the train which is really easy to climb. Thanks for all your tips, I love this website!!

    118. Anonymous

      There 12p-3p today. Ferris wheel turning in the wind. Encountered four or five other pairs of people wandering. Ultimately a dogless, good-humored security guard escorted us to the exit, but only after we’d seen almost the entire park. Avoid the area near the main entrance and you’ll likely be fine.

    119. Anonymous

      Went today to Spreepark (July 8th, 2014). There were two security guards on the grounds patrolling. If you are in the wooded areas, keep your eyes open for the dudes. If caught, they will show you the exit. They have over 200 visitors a day that they show out. If you are hanging for a few hours, be stealthy. They are not always checking buildings. They are on main paths escorting people out so stay in the wooded areas. If in the open hanging with some cool props and old equipment, just make sure you time yourself based on where the guards are. It was a pleasant interaction today when we got caught, the guard escorted us out the long way so we could still see quite a bit without anxiety. Its worth it, just be aware of your surroundings and be nice.

    120. Anonymous

      Thanks for that info ^ looking to visit Berlin in August. Might be a silly question but do police/guards in Berlin speak English? don’t want to get caught up in trouble with police and not understand a word they are saying.

    121. Miek Schlangen

      Went to Spreepark on the 7th of July (2014) with a friend. Climbed through a gap in the fence. We had the best time exploring the park. When we came close to the main entrance we saw a black car parked just behind the old train, so didn’t move any closer to the main entrance than that. Other than that we did not see any security at all.

    122. Anonymous

      I was visiting Spreepark (July 2014) with a friend, and I must note, that there is a guard. He saw us and walked us out. He was very friendly and just told us that we’re tresspassing private property and we shouldn’t be there. So don’t be afraid to visit the park. We “got caught” after we had seen most of it anyways.

    123. Anonymous

      Hello! Went on July 13th Sunday morning at 6:30AM – 8:30AM. Had no problems with security until about 8:30AM when we heard them arrive at the front gates. Also heard “whirring” sounds as if they were riding around on quad bikes/golf scooters, this was confirmed when we saw tracks on the dirt paths. So we decided to leave around 8:45AM as we could hear them doing rounds of the park. Recommendation, go early Sunday morning as we had a good couple of hours before they arrived and we didn’t see anyone else there. Also there are a few holes in the fence, just walk around along the river until you find one.

    124. Anonymous

      Went to SP on the 11th of July with a friend, it was very easy to get in as we followed the riverside entered the wooden part and got in through a hole in the fence where we easily moved unattached poles. Haven’t seen any security guards even though we could not stay more than 20 min as we had a flight in the same hour.

    125. Spudnik

      You don’t need to worry. Best thing is not to get caught. If you do get caught, the second best thing is not to understand what they’re saying.

    126. Degn

      Went there on july 15. Unfortunately we were “busted” after 15 minutes, and the two kind guards told us they had showed 100 people to the exit that day.
      Perhaps we should have turned left after going through the hole in the fence (waterside).

    127. Anonymous

      We were there yesterday evening: around 8.30pm
      there were 4 other groups… and NO security!! we had the time to look around over an hour. then it got dark and we decide to leave… was great!! so I recommend going very very early in the morning or around 9.30pm before it gets dark…

    128. Anonymous

      I went there a few weeks ago and sure it was easy to hop in. But there was a guard and even worse a pretty fat big dog. When I saw the dog I immediately made a u-turn but too late: the dog had noticed me and came barking and running. I was pretty afraid it would bite but lucky me it did not. So I left with only taking a handful of pics.

    129. Carles González León

      Some, but not all of them. If they are young they could speak English, but if not, it is difficult… How about your Russian? ^^

    130. Anonymous

      Went there on Thursday, July 24, 2014, from about 15:00-18:00. There are a few different holes in the perimeter fence — all on the river side of the park — and we went through three different ones without needing to climb over the fence. The reason we kept trying different entrance holes is because we got caught by security twice — but we kept going back in. That afternoon, there were two security dudes working, and they mostly seemed to be roaming the park and constantly kicking people out. Avoid other people so you don’t get busted along with them if they get spotted — and try to stay off the main paths when you can. We alluded the guards the third time simply by hiding in one of the ride shacks as they walked past us with a group of people they had already rounded up and were escorting to the exit. Also…. seemed like everyone in the park — and there were many — was an American tourist in their 20s.

    131. Anonymous

      Went a couple of days ago (would’ve been the 30th of july i think) with some friends. Really cool place, we hopped the fence near the ferris wheel and explored around there and the pirate ship and a couple other things for about 25 minutes or so before security spotted us. Up to this point we thought it was sort of open to just look around because there were a lot of other people wandering.

      Security tiredly explained that entry to the public was forbidden and we’d have to follow them to the exit. The guard led us over to 2 other guards who had already rounded up some of the others we’d seen in the park and began to march us all to the exit.

      There was no trouble over threatening to call police, paying a fine or deleting photos or anything, and it seemed like they had to do this sort of thing multiple times a day. They watched us leave through the gate (which was wide open) and as we walked back toward treptower park we saw another bunch of people walking around inside the park near the ferris wheel.

      We were in a big group of like 6 people and weren’t really making any effort to be subtle; one of my friends hopped into a ferris wheel car which set the whole thing into motion and made a lot of noise, and we were found out shortly after. If you’re only one or two people and you’re smart i reckon you could stay in there for a pretty long time undetected. Happy trails!

    132. Anonymous

      It’s very easy to get in, always there is a hole in the enclosure of the park. And you can find a lot of people inside, but always you have to pay attention to the guard.

    133. Anonymous

      It’s very easy to get in, always there is a hole in the enclosure of the park. And you can find a lot of people inside, but always you have to pay attention to the guard.

    134. Anonymous

      apparently, there was a fire in the western city part of spree park 🙁


    135. Katja

      update from todays news: last night probably some idiots started a fire there and burned down the western houses and other stuff. the firefighters tore down the base to the ferris wheel so people can’t go up there anymore. I don’t think that it’s a good idea to go there anymore, cause they will increase security a lot and also want to set up a new fence soon.
      Here is a german article with some pictures of the incidence:

    136. Alix

      With the recent fire, and the police, and the drones.. I assume it’s not the good time to have a walk in the Spreepark right now ?

    137. Anonymous


    138. Anonymous

      For those who haven’t seen it yet: morgenpost.de/berlin/article131093087/Grossbrand-im-Spreepark-Polizei-vermutet-Brandstiftung.html
      After the fire the place will definitely secured from intruders 🙁 ..that was probably the aims of the arson…

    139. EmilyBennett

      Thanks for your very interesting posts about Spreepark. My partner and I live in London, UK, and we visited Spreepark on Monday 11th Aug 2014: a day after the fire. Approaching the park we met a young lady with a big, professional-looking camera who had been turned away by a security guard after asking him if she could go in. The security guard seemed to be working alone and was stationed at the front of the park (by the green train). We were determined to visit so entered from the back part of the park, furthest away from the security guard. We went in with two others who were concerned about security but who really wanted to go in, so we decided to enter as a small group (safety in numbers was our logic). Minutes before entering, while we were still in discussion, a police van drove up and down but they were gone within a minute and we decided that it was worth the risk so proceeded (we presumed that the presence of the police was in response to the fire the night before). As a four we got in very easily through large gaps in the fence. We explored the grounds for around 2.5 hours and avoided the station where the security guard had been spotted earlier (a single man in a bright green shirt). Security did not seem to patrol the grounds as we avoided the security guard for the whole time that we were there and did not bump into him. This meant that we could not explore the front part of the park which was where the long green train was stationed (and presumably where the teacups are?). There was no evidence of dogs. We loved the park and got many amazing photos. The pirate ship was not there or the gold motorbike or the large triceratops dinosaur. Perhaps the attractions are slowly being taken out? Everything else from photos here seemed to be there. Many other people were exploring Spreepark too, some of whom were teens in large numbers shouting and making a lot of noise (what a great way to get caught!). There were even small groups sitting around, chatting and drinking. The park was fascinating and well-worth the visit. We would love to go back but can’t help wondering if security will become tighter following the fire. Later on in the afternoon while entering the park for a second time, we were warned by others leaving that there were two female guards (dressed in blue) patrolling the back part of the park. We entered near to the back but did not spot them. My best advice is to go (it’s unmissable) but go with others, be quiet and be cautious. Keep your camera well-hidden as others told us that you will be asked to delete all photos if you’re caught. Luckily we got out with all our photos and had an amazing time!

    140. EmilyBennett

      Photos here in a public album on Facebook, in case anyone is interested: facebook.com/veganfortheanimals/media_set?set=a.10154496977200503.1073741832.637245502&type=1

    141. Stephanie

      Went with a group of 4, on Saturday Aug. 16 at approx 11am. we entered on the side closest to the sbahn where the fence was already new. however whenever you see wheels on the fence you can push it to make a gap even for a giant german to fit through! (i am very small 153cm bf is very large 189cm) and we both got through! we were dummies and didn’t go check out the ferris wheel up close but walked along the other parts of the park. saw the mustache men, swans, log ride, roller coaster, something that looked like a western house, tea cups, and the train. we did spot the guard, he’s in a little motorhome trailer type outfit just at the entrance of the park – kinda in front of the train. luckily we spotted him quickly enough and he did not see us! we spent around 2 hours in total and ran into 4 other people total while exploring.

    142. Sandra Caparas

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    143. TheRoth

      Sunday in SpreePark …

    144. Anonymous


    145. Anonymous

      Well, i just came back. What an exciting sunday morning :).

      Fighting against my blankets i finally got enough motivation to leave my bed around 6.20 AM, so i just take the bike and ride to the S-Bahn “richtung” Treptower Park. Landed in Treptower Park around 7.00 AM rode till the Spreepark. I planned to stay till around 8.30 so i didn´t have too much time. Next time should be there around 6.30 or earlier i guess. In Summer time you have light enough to go early in the morning and be the only one there. The problem is to wake up that time on sunday….

      I went in and out without any issues (well, i was lucky ^^). I got into the park area through one of the holes that the fence has in the floor on the riverside (like most of the people wrote here). I was there around an hour. I think i saw around 50-60% of the park (need to check the map again). Unfortunately i was alone this time, but i think at least it was good to be faster so i took the pictures i was interested in and then just left the place.

      No Triceratops or Goldenbike were there but still some other stuff. I arrived till the ferris wheel but not further. From all the places where i was, that one (ferris wheel) was the most exposed. If you want to take closer pictures of course, otherwise you can find enough trees to hide yourself. I saw a fox, some dinosaurs, even 2 cars with Irish man form? (at least it had a green big hat), the house where killer clowns were drinking Becks and some buckets, probably used for the IceBucketChallenge, I saw the burnt houses as well. At that point it was already around 8.00 AM so i thought it was enough experience for the first time so i started to find the way back outside.

      It was very exciting, no doubt. To me, the most tricky part was going outside. At that time in the morning there were some walkers, runners and bikers, not many but some. And some of these are the typical „Das ist verboten, verdammte Scheiße. Ich muß dringend die Polizei anrufen!” (as you posted somewhere in the blog :D). Once i found the hole again, just wait a bit till the „Ruhe“ came back an no one was close and the i left… A minute after leaving, packing all the stuff in my bag again in a bank close on the river side just heard some voices… 4 guys and 2 dogs (middle sized ones, not really big). It was 8.15 AM.

      Yeah, it seems like i escaped from them for some seconds. Not sure if all of them were security guards. 2 were in the middle 40s to 50s. One, around 30s and the other i could´t see him really well. The old guys seemed to have uniform and for the age and walking with dogs inside of the park i don´t think they were doing a walk before Frühstucken… Additionally someone said the word „Pictures“ in English, so maybe the younger guys where visitors like me and they were asking to delete their pictures, but as i said, i could´t hear almost anything from their conversation. If they just got caught, the „Sicherheitsman“ was really really relaxed. No one shouted.

      I hope this helps to the new visitors. Have fun. The Verboten was fun! for sure! Thanks for the blog!

    146. Anonymous

      I entered the park on 23rd August. Its really easy to get in on the path that runs next to the river. There are literally paths directly to gaps in the fence.

      here were only 2 guards on duty at the front gate. They will not run after you. You will here lots of shouting and machinery, these noises are not coming from the park. I was there around 2 hours before getting busted on the climbing on the log flume. The security were friendly and simply escorted me out the front. I wasn’t asked to delete any photos either and kept my camera in my pocket.

      The wheel and roller coaster has been fenced off to make it more difficult for people to get on. A lot of other bits of the appear to be being torn down quickly. It looks like they are dumping this not far from the wheel in a little yard near some small buildings.

      I am so glad I made it here this weekend just gone, as I cant see this park being around much longer. There is evidence that suggests they are striping the park. I noticed a few vans and a cherry picker parked by the yard with broken bits of rides in. They have also put up a new fence at the front gate of the park. Do not try to enter here, I saw a few of tourists here when I got kicked out and they were all asking how to get in.

    147. Anonymous

      We went there Friday evening and managed not to get caught, but the situation is much worse then just a few weeks ago. The only good thing is that we didn’t have to climb the fence: they are building a new one, and there is a point in which it’s just open, I don’t know how long it will stay there, but if you walk around the park you should find it.

      There were at least 3 guards, and they were going around the park both on foot and with a car. Good thing is they are quite loud, so you hear them before they see you -if you keep your hears open. The little group of houses is being destroyed, the stairs to the roller coaster have been blocked (you can still go up if you pay a little attention) and the pond surrounding the wheel has been dried out. The ship has also been partly destroyed. As mentioned above, the wheel is fenced, even though it’s quite easy to climb the inner fence (2 ppl needed: it will fall as you climb if somebody else doesn’t keep it up).

      I have to say the wheel is much nicer without the rubbish all around, but if you get caught while inside the inner fence you’re nothing more then an animal in a cage, there’s no way to escape. We went there in the evening though, and as the whole wheel area is quite hidden from the main roads, we managed to get in and out without problems.

      Most important: we saw a Raccoon!

    148. Amir Baer

      Hi, does anybody know if it’s still possible to get in?

    149. Spudnik

      I never even knew raccoons existed in Germany until I met one a couple of weeks ago. Since then everyone’s telling me they’ve met raccoons. There must be a raccoon invasion!

    150. Anonymous

      Hey guys,
      My girlfriend and I went into the abandoned park today 14th of Sep 2014 and had a great time!
      We went along the fence (river side) until we found a bit we could climb under (could have also gone into a side track further towards centre of Berlin if too many runners and walkers) and slid easily underneath.
      We had to dodge through some moderate forest and undergrowth, but emerged to a concrete path heading to one of the small roller coasters (over the pond), walked along that and came to another path, saw the epic clown with a different roller coaster coming out of it’s mouth, everything covered in moss and trees and vines and dust (so much dust), also it looks way cooler now than the pics, as it’s been several years since they were taken (kinda cool to see the difference!).
      Ferries wheel is awsm, and WAS moving! (Not a lot of wind about soooooooo…..? Creepy).
      The ships are all decaying, we walked over down an amphitheatre and didn’t realise it! The whole place is majorly cool and I agree with original poster, more fun than the original park!

      Tips: the security guards are pretty lazy, they have a dog but sit down for most of their shift with the pooch. They do rounds on the cement paths as far as we could tell (plenty if off road dirt tracks to use) it is easy not to get caught. But curiosity always gets the best of us!
      Would be super creepy after dark so will have to try that one.

      Thank you to Irish Berliner for awsm pics and helpful info.

      Go check out this awsm park! Just be careful.

    151. Anonymous

      Went there today 19th Sept at 2pm and didn’t get in. There are brand-new green fences all over the park (they are not difficult to jump though). Where these were not put yet, there were temporary fences in addition to the old ones that weren’t removed. There were a few workers around the park, I saw a van moving at the back and there is definitely a dog there, but it seems he is locked in a small place.
      I guess that for people with more courage than me it is not problem to get in and have some fun, but definitely at the moment things are not easy as before (broken fences, no security and dozens of people wandering around). Wish the best luck to everyone who tries going there.

    152. Anonymous

      Went on Saturday (4th Oct) and as the guy above said, there is a brand new green fence all around. You can get over because I saw people doing it. Looks like you can also get under at certain points where others have clearly attempted to dig, however, the risk with that approach is remembering where you got in!

      There were 3 guards and a dog close to the ferris wheel and sure enough we watched as they caught a couple of guys. Sounds like they were getting away with a warning but were having their IDs checked nonetheless.

      The number of signs in multiple languages warning of prosecution make it tough to talk your way out of it if you’re caught so I think opportunities now are limited if any. As has been mentioned previously, I think the key if you do get in is to steer clear of the ferris wheel as it seems that’s all they really care about guarding.

      Good luck!

      PS. If you can’t get in, take a trip to the old station at Siemensstadt: digitalcosmonaut.com/2013/111-places-in-berlin-sbahnhof-siemensstadt/ It’s a bit busy in the day but you can still get down by a school and through a small car park to find a broken fence behind the old ticket office 🙂 And Teufelsberg is awesome! It’s €7 to get in, but no hassle or sneaking around! visitberlin.de/en/spot/teufelsberg

    153. Anonymous

      Visited Spreepark on monday (13th Oct). The new fence is really high and I need a lot of effort to get over it. Also the bikers and runners are a problem, there is always somebody. I was in spreepark round about 3 hours. There were two securities – a man and a woman walking around. I saw no dog. Fortunately they are talking very loud, you can hear them before you see them. So you have the possibility to hide yourself if there’s something to hide at this moment. While my stay in the spreepark I saw the securities three times walking around, but they didn’t see me. As mentioned above I think they are only walking on the cement ways. So avoid the cement ways! Getting out was a little problem for me because of the people walking along the river and the high fence. So I got out with a hole in my jeans and a lot of bruises. 😀 When I was outside and walking to the “Eierhäuschen” I saw a small place where’s still the old fence and there it is very easy to get in. But I think when you get in at this place the danger to get caught is much higher then on other places with the new fence. At the place with the old fence there are no trees or bushes to hide. Good luck!

    154. Karl G.

      The last time I went (a month ago), I was caught by the guards. They were nice, but they explained to me that as soon as the new fence is entirely built, they will start calling the police and maybe people will have to pay a fee…

    155. Unknown

      The Luna park is forbidden from the police and the Guardian. Two man and One woman with a dog. You don’t shot any photo, and if they fond you, you must deleted the photo. You can enter only on the back side or aright side near the lake. I include some photo. Some attraction are destroyed from a Fire.


    156. Philip Suess

      Me and a friend went to Spreepark yesterday morning! It was a great experience! The “new” fences are absolutely lame and easy to climb. We did not saw everything that day. We had to move very carefully and slow.
      We also encountered guards but we got away from them two times. There pretty lazy and not really a thread. If you run fast enough and bring some distance between you and them you should be fine. Search for a really good cover to hide in the area you’re at. We used the old “Wildwasserbahn” and it’s trees and bushes. It’s a perfect hiding spot! We did’nt see any dogs around but watched out for them nevertheless.
      We shot some epic photos and had a great time! Very exiting and intense! 🙂

      If you’re planning to visit Spreepark, you have to be a little bit brave and very carefully!
      Like others here said, there IS security! There patrol around the park a bit but don’t take there job to serious. We encountered them two almost three times but they did’nt saw us and if they did they were to lazy to follow us. At the first time we saw them we runned so f*cking loud through the high grass into our cover they just HAD to hear us but… I think they did’nt… 😛
      Even though don’t be to sure about that and watch out for everything! Me and my friend staid at one cover very long, watched over the situation and planing escape routes if we get caught or something! If you’re taking photos and don’t want them to get deleted if they caught you put another SD-Card in your pocket and change them super fast, that was our tactic to save our photos and videos in worst case! 🙂

      Soooo, I think I said everything about our visit at Spreepark!
      If you want to see some photos we have taken, visit my facebook page “LOST WORLD”! 🙂

      If you have any questions about our visit feel free to ask! 😀

    157. Anonymous

      I’ve been to spreepark twice now, definitely a MUST if you’re in Berlin.. I’ll briefly explain both my experiences.

      1) The first time me and my friend were stopping in Berlin over the summer as part of an interrailing trip around Europe around the middle of August 2013. We got talking to some girls in our hostel who told us about Spreepark and their experience so we went away did a google search and decided to try find it the next day. Talking to Treptow park we saw the ferris wheel in the distance but it looked so far away so almost gave up!!

      Walking through the park we met an american guy also looking for spreepark so decided to take him along with us and we were pretty nervous about the security scares on the internet. We discovered fencing with warning signs on and a couple climbing over warning us they had been caught. However, no way was this going to stop us so we walked the perimeter until no one was around and luckily stumbled across a large hole in the fencing.

      Heading into the park we followed a track around the park hiding behind the trees which brought us to the little cars with faces on. We relaxed and walked around freely for an hour seeing loads of other people enjoying the atmosphere. However, towards the end on our way out we came into contact with a group of middle aged German men who appeared drunk and were running around shouting & laughing and I do believe if it wasn’t for these idiots we would have gone out without being caught.

      2 mins later a security guard appeared but no dog just a bike. I’m embarrassed to admit I was shitting myself but all he did was follow us to a wall at the opposite side and watch us climb over, no checking our ID, photographs or any telling off, I guess he’s probably use to it and pretty bored.

      2) The second time was in February 2014, back in Berlin me and the same friend took some other friends to spreepark who had been banging on about visiting it. This time the fencing looked new and stronger but we found a gap underneath just big enough for us to get down and slide under. This time round was so much more creepy than the first, thick snow on the ground, eeire sounds from a nearby industrial site, lifeless skeleton trees that has shed their leaves providing nowhere to hide, the late afternoon quickly turning dark and not a single soul inside the park unlike the summer.

      After walking around for about 15 minutes we saw paw prints and shoe prints in the snow, revealing that the rumours of a security dog may be true. As we walked to the opposite side of the park where we didn’t manage to explore last time we saw a hut with lights on and a car parked outside. Seen as the night was also getting dark we were pretty creeped out and scared of not finding the gap which we came through so chickened out, but still got some cool photos which look even more eerie in the snow plus we didn’t get caught this time 🙂

      Well worth a visit, gets the adrenaline flowing!!!

    158. Anonymous

      I’m visiting Berlin in about a week and would live to go. I am sure there are many people in hostels etc that would be interested but pretty certain that I don’t have the balls to actually go alone.
      what is security like during the tours? Can you escape on your own or even blend in if you’re sneaking around? The thrill is obviously worth it but does anyone actually know the best way to do it and the risks now with the new fencing?

    159. Anonymous

      Sorry, what “tours” are you talking about? There are no tours. If you’re happy with an 8 ft metal fence, just hop over it 😀

    160. Unknown

      An illustration in tribute to my visit here which also references this site. artconnectberlin.com/profiles/screpnekstudios/projects/spreepark

    161. Anonymous

      Tried going over the weekend, we were caught almost immediately.
      The guards are quite friendly, but they are incentivised to catch people, so they will write you up.
      Carry an ID – then you will only pay a fine and it’s settled between you and the owner. If you don’t have an ID, they have to call the police. There are a few spots that you can get under the fencing (bring a plastic bag).
      There are a lot of people in the area running, cycling and walking. It’s best not to go in a group.
      *Good Luck*

    162. lauren.h

      My friends went last week and were not caught. I think it just depends on your timing and their (security) timing.
      Wishing to go back to Berlin. Love all the beautiful abandoned places.

      In Australia (I’m in Sydney, NSW) we don’t have nearly as many places to explore, which is sad… We used to, but they’re all up for development. There is an old flour mill down the road from me and of course they’re making apartments out of them. It’s my old stomping ground – used to through parties there and project films onto the silos! Was great ^.^ I still go up every now and then, just to enjoy what is left of it, before it’s gone.

      There is also an abandoned theme park which I’m yet to discover for myself. My parents have been and they said it’s great – they’re big on Urban Exploration and have brought me up exploring unground Sydney and greater NSW. The theme park is no where as extravagant as Spreepark though.

      I hope when I return to Berlin next year, that it is still there. Fingers crossed.

    163. Mayasounds

      Just got back from my first Spreepark visit! All went well.

      We got there just after sunrise and walked around the fence towards the Spree (left from the entrance). Getting over seemed tricky especially given the snow, but there’s a gap under the fence pretty much right across from the Spree Tours boats, which is easily large enough to slide under (we got quite dirty so if you want to avoid that, bring a bin bag or something). Quite some joggers and walkers but we got through unseen. Tracks in the snow, also at various other parts of the fence, told us that a lot of people must have been there yesterday or last night – at some points there were even chairs and sofas lodged against the inside of the fence.

      We didn’t see any other visitors while we were there, everything was really quiet. I wanted to avoid the main paths but at some points it’s nearly impossible, especially in the slippery snow, so we walked in the open a few times. At one point, when we got to a little pink railroad passover thingy, I suddenly spotted security guards on a path below, but they were still quite far and seemed to be walking in the other direction – they did not see us. I couldn’t see if they had a dog with them, but there were definitely dog tracks in the snow. We just squatted for a bit and made sure they were well gone, then continued onwards.

      The ferris wheel area is a bit tricky as it’s very open but we didn’t run into the guards again – there was a bit of a drizzle, so maybe they just couldn’t be bothered to walk around in that. We spent about an hour in the park more or less, but we didn’t venture close to the front area where the entrance is. We went back out the way we came.

      It was magnificent seeing everything all pretty and snowed over. The poor T-Rex was lodged on his belly somewhere near the back fence this time, and the pirate ship was in pretty bad shape, all the masts are gone. The wheel was spinning a little and the cat was of course awesome. The little boats were frozen to the pond. It was beautiful and exciting and I would advise anyone to go. Many thanks for the great advise here!

    164. Spudnik

      Sounds wonderful! Thanks for sharing your experience!

    165. JW

      We went to Spreepark on january 3rd 2015, and had a great time there.

      We came in through some holes made underneath the fence at the river side around 8:30 in the morning. We walked through the park for more then an hour, first at caution and later we walked around freely when we noticed there were no guards around.

      It was awesome to see all the attractions around the park which were mentioned on this site, and we took some really nice pictures. After an hour we could walk back to the fence using even the main roads inside the park (to stay out of sight from the roads with all the runners) and take some pictures from ever nicer angles 🙂
      Walking back we noticed there must be other people, because we could see fresh tracks and new empty Gatorade bottles on roads we walked before. When walking towards the fence we saw that at some places ladders against the fence had been removed, and new climbing materials had been placed on other spots.

      It was a great experience, sad to see that so many people have destroyed some of the attractions/dinosaurs.

      Thanks a lot for your advice and tips, definitely a tip to go see before the park is in worse shape!

    166. Anonymous

      Went to Spreepark around 11 am today (Friday 6 Jan).

      Did a loop of the complex before deciding best place to enter and figuring out which places looked best. There’s what looks like a dog kennel on the East side where a woman had about four dogs running around. East side was a wreck though, we decided to enter along the river under one of the many holes that had been dug under the fence – despite the almost constant flow of joggers and cyclists.

      We had no problems for some time, got some great pics. Had to avoid being seen by joggers though. Really loved the roller coasters – the longer one over the lake and the great one with the monster’s head entrance.

      We had a close encounter with two burly-looking security guards in navy blue bomber jackets with something written on the back – my friend heard them nearby and we scattered but they were reasonably easy to avoid. Overall a great trip – definitely worth a shot. Thanks for all the comments on this site – really helped plan it and know what we were in for!

    167. Anonymous

      Hello !
      I’m a french photograph, I will go on Berlin for the first time this weekend (Saturday 31th January to Wednesday 4 th February).

      I want to visit Spreepark but I’m alone.

      I search some people who want to go with me one morning.

      If you want to help me, you can write me on my mailbox [email protected]


    168. Anonymous

      Just curious: what’s the penalty if you get caught? I don’t know where to read about German trespasser laws 🙂

    169. Anonymous

      Been there today during the day, 2 innocent girls went in and got caught 8they were pretty naive in how they entered), and the guards brought them away…dunno what happened next!

    170. Falco

      We approached before the sunshine and went in pretty easily. Since last summer we noticed some changes:

      -new fence, this time it looks like a serious one, but still there are many spots to get in.
      -someone had fun cutting the wood of the catwalk for the rollercoaster…
      -the access to the wheel is ruined too, they removed the wood access, suck out the surrounding water and “fenced” the area. the good point is tha without water you can just walk to it.
      -the barrack netx to the cyrcus are almost completely demolished and removed,

      Another tip is that we spot 2 walking guards, without dog. They kept following the main trail and so we managd to explore the area, but keep your eyes opened 😉 they don’t seem to be there to meet new people.

    171. Anonymous

      met my gf in there 😀

    172. Unknown

      Anyone willing to show others around?

    173. Quentin

      Got caught last saturday !

      My friend and I visiting Berlin last week end decided to go check out that abandoned park we heard about.
      Before entering we wanted to go around to get a feeling of the place. That’s when we let 2 people who had the same goal for the day. The four of us found a hole under the fence by the river side, probably the same that has been mentioned over the posts here (I don’t advise going through there as it is very exposed to the public). As I was getting through it the weirdest guy on a bicycle stopped and stared at us on the other side of the fence, saying nothing. That’s why I think we got tipped off, because after only a few minutes inside we heard a dog barking in our direction. That’s when we started running in every direction, scattering from each other. I ran like rarely before, a high dose of adrenaline kicking in my brains, but with no idea on where I was headed. Long story short, the dog went past the spot I was hiding in and I froze not to be spotted. Its master went past me and I had to come out.
      They were the nicest guys ! Well, one one was at least but everyone was very correct and polite.
      Bring ID if you plan to go there, or at least a photo of it (I was lucky enough to have one on my phone) to avoid a trip to the police station. They took all my details, so I guess I’ll be receiving news from someone pretty soon as I haven’t paid any sort of fine yet.

      The worst part of this story is : we haven’t even had time to visit :-/
      I’ll be back !

    174. Quentin

      Oh, and the dog is apparently not a angry one. Not the bity type at least, he actually bump into my friend and sopped, looking at her like it was a game. Moreover, it is not a big one, I wouldn’t know what race it was but definitely not a rottweiler or a pitbull

    175. Anonymous

      I was caught last week, because I went too close to one of the main paths… (but hey, I couldn’t take pictures of a rusty rollercoaster otherwise). Anyway, once you let the guards write down your name from your ID with a picture on it, they get quite friendly (especially if you can speak German with them).
      They told me I’d receive a €25 fine, but as I’m still waiting for it, I can’t guarantee this. I expect extra fees though, say 20 extra euros. That was the price to pay to have some nice pictures!

    176. Urbex8

      from this place , I was really disappointed : /
      my photos : flickr.com/photos/urbex8/sets/72157649245908828

    177. Anonymous

      I visited Spreepark yesterday (Sunday). I hopped the fence around 6am, close to the ferris wheel. It was early enough, but it already been light out for a couple of hours. I saw and heard nobody within the park, and no cars were parked outside.

      It seems like the new owners have been trying to clear the park somewhat. A lot of the structures and figures are gone, including the viking boat and several dinosaurs. The paint is peeling from the pastel-coloured buildings and it’s a complete wreck inside most of them – debris and graffiti everywhere. Still fun though. Once I glimpsed my reflection in a mirror and scared myself shitless.

      I wandered around for about 20 minutes, then got creeped out and left. Good timing too – soon after I hopped the fence again, the first joggers and dog-walkers started showing up on the path outside. There was also a group of fishermen who had pitched their tent right next to the fence overnight – something to note if you’re thinking of going at night and think there won’t be anyone there.


      – That fence is no joke, and I have the scars to prove it! It’s topped with little sharp points that will leave nasty holes in your hands and legs if you’re not careful. I’d recommend bringing a thin, long piece of foam and jamming over the spikes to protect yourself before you go over the top.

      – The parts where it used to be possible to crawl under the fence now seem to have been blocked off with slabs of concrete.

      – The creepiest thing I saw inside the park was a half-eaten box of fresh strawberries sitting on a bench. Clearly the park is still regularly being visited by either adventurers or guards, probably both. Keep your eyes peeled!

    178. Anonymous

      Interesting, thanks for your report! I had a hole in my jeans and also a scar from the fence which lasted 6 months and reminded me of my nice stay there 😀

    179. Unknown

      Why disappointed? Looks like you were able to get in and get some good shots of what’s left…

    180. Anonymous

      I am planning on going to Berlin in early August and from what I’ve seen online, Spreepark looks amazing! I really wanna visit, however the only thing that’s putting me off is the risk of getting caught. I want to study in Germany later, will getting caught have any effect on that in the future? Also I wanna visit on a friday, what would be the best time to go? (I was thinking around 6-7amish if I can drag my friends out of bed early enough)

    181. Spudnik

      I don’t think being caught will impact on your study prospects. You might be fined €25 or so, scolded, and escorted off the premises. That’s about it. Best to go as early as you can, as soon as it gets bright, stay quiet and avoid the main pathways. Good luck!

    182. Anonymous

      Hi, has anyone been to the KulturSpreepark events? Does one actually get a good glance of the park while going to the amphitheather? It is a shame that their website is in German language only, hopefully I’ll be able to book tickets through the site though. Thank you for the interesting blog!

    183. Henk

      Went to check out this place past Friday and Saturday. On Friday we did an exploration round to get a general impression. We followed the fence all the way round and came across two security guards with bikes. The fence is not super easy to climb, but definitely doable if you are just a little bit athletic. We saw a lot of places where the holes under the fence were covered with concrete slabs, nevertheless we also saw at least 3 spots at the northern side of the site where it’s possible to slip under the fence using holes that are not covered. It will not be very comfortable but if you are not overweight you will be able to get in that way. On Saturday we decided to buy a ticket for the Kulturspreepark event. It was 10 euros with student discount. Inside the park we saw at least 4 security guards. With this legitimate access you can see the ferris wheel, a few of the swans, the decapitated viking ship and a few of the buildings. And of course the amphitheather. So you will not be able to see the whole park, I would guess 50% or less.

      When the Kulturspreepark event began we left the park. At the eastern side of the park there is a rather large building which is not within the spreepark fence. We decided to check this out. It was not really hard to get in. The building is empty but the stairwell is quite nice to take pictures of.

    184. Anonymous

      This blog is fantastic! planning on visiting in the up coming months! Keep us updated on the situation with security etc!

    185. Anonymous

      hello, just wondering if you got a fine afterall? i was caught two days ago, but i am a tourist from Asia. I simply gave them my address in EU (which is not in germany but in Netherlands), so I basically will never receive the notice LOL… wondering if there is any consequences for not paying it

    186. Anonymous

      No worries. We got cought after 2 hours in spreepark, but the only consequence was we had to leave the park. We’ve entered the park about 1pm.

    187. Anonymous

      We visited hete today (monday) between 7.30pm and 8.30. Didn’t see any guards, but we kept Off of the main routes as much as possible and tried to keep our voices down. But went to see the ferrish wheel from closer and sat on it for a while. We entered by the river, sama place as Most of people have described here, so it’s still open.

    188. Cayce

      So, question about those KulturSpreepark events. The tickets are not too expensive so I’m thinking about going to one next month, but the question is… will I be able to see the “attractions” of the park? I’d especially love to see the Cat rollercoaster. Any info is welcomed (as the site is in German…) Thanks!

    189. Spudnik

      Hi Cayce. I’m not sure how many of the other “attractions” you’ll see if you go, but the stage is right up by the Ferris wheel and a few dinosaurs have fallen nearby. At least they were there before – maybe they’ve been moved in the meantime. The cat rollercoaster is a bit off the beaten track, though it is on the road so maybe you’ll see it. I’d say just go – whatever happens, it’s bound to be an interesting experience.

    190. Cayce

      Thank you! I think I’ll buy a ticket then. (I’m not that big on the idea of breaking and entering so if can I’d rather avoid it, haha 😉

    191. Anonymous

      Is Christmas Day a good day to visit? I’m assuming most people will be at home celebrating but as a tourist I am hoping it will be quiet with no security. Has anyone been on Christmas Day?

    192. Anonymous

      I was there some weeks ago and we saw no guards or dogs during the whole 2,5 hours, just some other people wandering around in there, and they were not even trying to talk quietly
      we went through the bushes and stuff and tried to be as calm as possible, but they just didnt give a fuck 😀
      of course there were also other people who tried to hide and be quiet, the funny thing is, if you wear green clothes and walk along the main paths everybody will hide from you, because they think you are some kind of guard who can walk carefree along these open paths, until you see them and wave at them, muha

    193. Anonymous

      Visited a few months ago while i was in Berlin, highly recommend it even though we were also caught.
      Tried to stick off the main paths and were there for probably half an hour or so before we stopped to take photos of the roller coaster out in the open.
      The guards came around in a Jeep looking car, there was two guards and a rottweiler in the back! Very nice people an could speak somewhat english. I asked if i could have a look at the dog while they were taking down my friends details and even though it was locked in the back it still scared the shit out of me when i approached the window. They said they only release the dog when people run so their and my advice if you get caught DO NOT RUN….
      Take photo ID as they will take your name down but no fines or police involved IF you are a tourist, they said if German citizens trespass they will defiantly got o the police station and trespassing charges are laid.
      We asked them few questions and they say its normal for around 50 people to be caught a day so do not stress if they do catch you but please don’t run.

    194. Spudnik

      This is their advice, and bullshit – “They said they only release the dog when people run so their and my advice if you get caught DO NOT RUN”
      Could you imagine the headlines if a few tourists were chewed up by dogs in Spreepark?! They can’t take that risk. The previous comments above seem to indicate the dog is not a worry.

    195. Anonymous

      Hey 🙂
      We were last week and we got caught 2 times in the same day, so they called police. And police came and asked our name.
      I’M not living so for me was no problem but my friend is foreigners but she lives here and she gave a fake name. They just check a card and thats all.
      Do you think we gonna get troubles for this.
      My advice is to avoid the main path of course and after the wheel and amphitheather so it’s better to not go in this part.
      Thanks bye

    196. Anonymous

      News about Spreepark and Eierhäuschen. The park is going to be cleand and opened to the public. Details still to be announced…

    197. Karel Anker

      In our case (last saturday) they actually left the dogs walking around without a dog collar!
      Maybe they’re just trackers and not biters, or maybe they did it because they found our presence in the park for the second time, I don’t know.
      At least after noticing that, we found our way back to the gate pretty quick.

      Well, as we say in Dutch: Laat ze de kanker genieten.

      I’m pretty sure we will be back another time, but on a better time of the day (preferable in the early morning) and better prepared.

    198. Anonymous

      Got in today with my GF through a really accessible hole by the river. We were there for about 20 mins or so before getting bollocked by security and escorted off. You guys were right, if you don’t run and are polite and apologetic they’re fine with you, slap on the wrist and on your way.
      would like to have seen more, especially in the creepy little house by the T – Rex (which is where they got us) but I saw the dinosaurs so I’m happy. I’m sure they have cameras around that area, couldn’t see any though.
      Just can’t believe this place exists, if I had a spare €10 million I’d turn it into a Jurassic Park 😀

    199. Anonymous

      was there on october 26th (monday) – no security or dogs anywhere, just other explorers.

    200. jack baker

      We have just got back from going there today, Sunday at around 11.30am so many walkers and joggers going round the park and being winter there was no foliage to hide behind, we scoped out the whole fence around the park and now they have put a new fence up its really hard to climbe over or under there is currently one spot if you want to jump over and it’s on the right hand side as you approach the entrance to the park it’s about 50meters down and there is a tree leaning away from the fence and someone has bolt-cropped a section out of the top of the fence where you can place your foot after climbing the tree, we did this then jumped over, we walked around the whole park in plain sight through the cat tunnel and to the log flume etc but it’s pretty bleak and most of the cool stuff has gone, there was no security at all and we were pretty obvious getting in and out. To get back out we stacked some logs on the other side of where we climbed in. The Ferris wheel is really cool though and the mechanics are still working its spins around pretty quickly and then just stops suddenly, really creepy!

    201. Anna

      Went today (Dec 3, Thurs) and there were no guards and only two other groups at the park. We were there for almost two hours. We got in at the hole on the riverside, just scoot underneath. A lot of the things I’ve seen in pictures are no longer there. No mammoth, no train that I found, a lot of the dinosaurs are gone, and there is a fence around the ferris wheel, but it was easy to break the zip-ties and sit inside. It was an awesome day!

    202. Anonymous

      Hi Anna, did you go in the morning or before dusk, what do you think is the best?

    203. Anonymous

      I was there on 3.January .. at the time 10am.. i hopped over the fence and explored the rollercoaster and other stuff.. the giant wheel was at work and there was a fence around it.. i also saw some cars and 2 security guards dressed in big black jackets.. but it was worth it 🙂

    204. cindia

      hey everyone! I lived in Berlin for while, two years ago, and Spreepark was my go-to place whenever I wanted to show Belrin off to my visting friends! We always got in without a problem, and even when caught by security guards we were always nice to them and them to us, they did the usual “you shouldnt be here” but after about 5 minutes of escorting us out we would all be laughing together and we would leave with no problems at all. This was before the fire however, and even at the time there was alot of talk of closing it off for good. I am returning to Berlin for a long weekend in 2 weeks with some friends, and would love to visit for old times sake – I am just wonder if with the passing of the time and the fire, is it still as easy and harmless to get in?
      Thank you so much for your help 🙂

    205. Anonymous

      So our chances of getting In to the park this year are probably very slim? I’ve been dying to go for years! Think I’ve missed my opportunity.

    206. Anonymous

      Went there on 30th January 2016 with a friend. We just entered for 10 minutes or so, i wanted to stay but he didn’t so we went out. Anyways, it seems that the western end of the park was repurposed as a dog training facility or something, we saw 3 women in black jackets load something from one of the hangars into a car – they are probably not guards so ignore them… We saw one group inside, and met another two girls on our way out. It is really simple to get in, the fence is broken along the northern part of the park and it is easy to get into even when everything around is muddy.

      Another thing worth mentioning – we talked to a German guy outside, he said that the property is now owned by the city of Berlin and that the fines are a lot stricter. Maybe he was just trying to intimidate us, dunno.. Anyway, the fence is top notch, there are warnings LITERALLY every 15 meters with warnings in three languages, so saying that you didn’t know probably won’t work in case you get caught. I’ve jumped a quite a few fences in my trespassing career 😀 and this one definitely wasn’t easy. Ended up crawling through the broken fence

      Cheers to all the visitors and please guys, update this! I’m more than interested about the uncertain future of the park

    207. Anonymous

      I went to the Spreepark last Friday at 8 am, but did not enter the area. The eastern side of the park was full of construction workers. All holes in the fence on the northern side by the river have been fixed by now and the fence is pretty high. Furthermore, I saw a guy in a black jacket walking around next to the Ferris wheel. Altogether, I think that we will have to wait till they reopen this place later this year. But maybe you could give it a try on a weekend when there are (hopefully) no construction workers. Cheers

    208. cavl

      We tried to go there on saturday. The park is sadly getting re built or idk what. There were construction workers in the hole park, a lot of trees have been cut and part of the attractions are getting disassemble. We couldn’t get in 🙁 and it’s look like spreepark isn’t accessible anymore 🙁

    209. Anonymous

      Went around August 2015, security found us but we hid, others got caught and taken away by security guards! Just be very cautious and be prepared to get dirty like they said!! We went in a hole near the river – what a beautiful site to see

    210. Unknown

      So was there a few days ago. A guard was sitting and smoking watching the fence with his dog (that didnt look very dangerous though). Me and my friends talked about going in or not when we heard a metal creeking sound. We turned around and the Ferris Wheel was actually moving. I did not imagine that old rusty thing still worked, but hey it was almost religious to see it move. And luckily we didnt go in cause I expect that someone was in there to maneuver the wheel unless its the dinosaur ghost.

    211. Emelie

      Were there last week, they’ve started to cut down the trees and bushes, which makes it significantly harder to hide from guards… especially in the ferris wheel area. Did see them twice while being there… Seems like they are starting to take it down or at least clean the site up, there were some signs in german describing some project. So yea, go there now or never I guess… But do be careful..

    212. Unknown

      We have been here around September 2015. We climed over the fenche and after one minute a dog caught me. Ofc it was just a labrador. We had a lil chat with the guards of the park. They requested my driver license i told them no problem, but i want to make pictures of the wheel. They said okay why not. Eventually still got some pictures, in the end didnt really matter. Anyways this park at Sundays is guarded not sure about other days…

    213. Alex

      In 2018 the park is planned to be re-opened. The 47 year old wheel will be fixed by the same company that constructed it in ’69.

    214. Suleika

      We explored this place in March 2016. There were guards with GSD (on a leash) at the main entrance and patrolling inside the site – one on a bicycle. Three Dutch tourists were just being escorted off the site as we arrived – when asked upon exiting, they told us that they got away without a fine.
      There is a big fence all around the perimeter, difficult to scale. We did however manage to dig a hole underneath the fence, which was still there in July 2016. (if you continue past Insel der Jugend along the banks of the river Spree, with the fence to your right, you will come across it)
      We spent several hours on site, careful not to be caught by the guards – which added to the suspense! We managed to explore many of the old rides (log flume, roller coaster etc.) in the still overgrown part of the park. A large part of the front has been cleared by the developers so it was a bit trickier getting close to the ferris wheel without being seen, involving lots of stealthy sneaking around! Still the same in July 2016.

    215. Kigale

      We went in on the 6th. I had seen the holes that Suleika described when I had been there earlier this summer. However as we came there these holes were filled up and closed. We went around the whole fence to find a good place to get in. Finally we decided to hop the fence, and as it is so wiggly, the easiest was actually at the main gate. We hoped in and were quite lucky I guess, since no one saw us getting over the open areas and towards the water slides and roller coasters. We explored the area for about an hour as we got more courageous and went closer to the ferris wheel. Then a guard came from behind, and three seconds later another one from the front on a bicycle. They were kind but told us to erase all of our pictures. I erased one and got away with the others. The led us out through the main gate, which was quite nice since we did not have to hop the fence again. They told us that the park is to reopen during 2018. Thank you for an awesome blog!

    216. Anonymous

      Building work seems to of started for some project renovation which states 2019 as the completion date. The plans only seem to involve keeping the ferris wheel though but hard to make out what else they plan on doing. Let’s just hope a few more of the rides make the cut.

      I went today, hopped over the fence by the river as the area is more woody this side and away from the path. The train track that goes round the outside is useful as it stays nearish the fence in case you need to run. Not nearly as much there as the past few years, seems to be getting cleared. Saw the ferris wheel, the T-Rex and whats left of the pirate ship all surrounded by construction metal fences. Didnt get to see the cat before i got spotted though 🙁 Didnt see any dog just one guard doing a lap of the park on round the main path picking up explorers, he shouts loud and seems quite mean but doubt he can run very fast. A quick dash to the fence and i was gone.

    217. Mayasounds

      It actually moves with the wind because it’s so loose. I don’t imagine it’s very safe but to be fair it gets a lot of wind in that place and it’s still standing…

    218. Ida

      Did anyone go there recently? How’s security?

    219. Anonymous

      Has someone recently been to spree park ? I’m just wondering if it’s still possible to sneak in or has it been opened to the public like someone mentioned here ?

    220. Anonymous

      Il y a des visite du parc qui sont organiser a partir de 11am, cela coûte 5e, il faut suivre le guide et on ne peut pas vraiment allez ou on veut car il y a la sécurité qui nous suit.

    221. Anonymous

      I’ve been there today with a friend. There may be holes under the fence but we just hopped the fence on the side where the Spree is.. you just need to ignore the people. It was kinda funny, when somewhen saw us behind the fence and asked, if it’s possible to just enter or if you need to hop over the fence. Many attractions from the pictures aren’t there anymore. In the beginning we tried to be very sneaky and we observered the guards but they weren’t very watchful. To be honest I expected more to see but it was still good.

    222. Anonymous

      We went to the Spreepark today, April 29th, 2017. There is a fairly new fence around the park with no wholes or nothing to bend down. They even made sure that no animals would find a way underneath the fence. There are signs everywhere saying to stay off. They even threaten with prosecution and danger to live and limb. Though we didn’t see any of the dangereous dogs that were mentioned. There seem to be guided tours. But we didn’t see where you could book them. Apparently the park is being revived from 2016 until 2019. It will surely have a better faith than BER. It’s a nice park around but boring.

    223. Anonymous

      I went with my GF yesterday. All the entrances under the fence are closed. We saw two guards in front of the entrance. We climbed over the fence which resulted in a minor injury. Overall good fun.

    224. Anonymous

      “I’M not living so for me was no problem”

      zombies everywhere 😮

    225. Mike :)

      We just went on AUGUST 20th 2017, there are tours going on Sundays 11am and 1pm, so many people are trying to ‘break in.’ I only flew my drone over and got caught after 30 minutes of flying when the guard came and shouted very angrily and german at us… told us if we didnt leave he calls police. oh well….maybe next time we will go in when it is unguarded. Definitely not as cool as some of the older photos though ….

    226. krysal

      Is it possible to flip now? Is there any guarding the park?

    227. Anonymous

      Dia duit! The park is now on Google Streetview and you can “walk” around. Says the imagery was taken in 2018.

    228. Chak

      Whenr there last year, 22 april 2019, loved the places, loved its history, stayed for 3 hours, explored and took tons of pics, when i saw some in-uniform-guys in the distance then i started running in the opposite way, my addrenaline was high af, i don’t know if they saw me. By the way i think there aren’t any security cameras cause i stayed there a lot.

    229. Elmrl

      Has anyone been there recently?

      • Marc

        Yes. It’s far from abandoned now. Construction work is taking place with the idea of reopening it as a public park. As far as abandoned goes, this one is gone.

    230. Heather S

      By the way! The “cat coaster,” as you call it, is not a cat at all. It’s actually a dragon, and the coaster was called Dragon Spell. It originated at Mirapolis Park in France. When Mirapolis Park closed, Spreepark purchased quite a few of the rides. I put together an album about Mirapolis Park many years ago. You can see it on my Facebook group, Abandoned Theme Parks.
      Mirapols album:

      Spreepark album:


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